Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Update, News, and a Reminder (or Two)

I am aware Christmas and the New Year is an economically tough time of for everyone, rather than just have a panic buying discount (like a lot of online retailers do) - Linda and I have came up with an idea that might encourage you to treat yourself and help others into the bargain.

Nexus Miniatures has been having a break (a very small break LoL) until the Monday the 10th of January (although I have been working, writing, answering emails, and posting stuff etc. during that time).

I just won't be processing any new orders till the 10th of January - and anyone placing an order up till midnight on Monday the 10th of January will have 25% of their order value donated to Crisis ( the UK Homeless Charity - an email listing those who donated will include everyones names along with the actual donation.

IN ADDITION (OMG DOES THIS MAN NEVER STOP - the Answer is no, I don't) all such orders when posted will contain little "pressies" for you to. An extra Miniature, Sweeties, Prototype Base Toppers (basically whatever I think is cool that I can add to your orders) - lastly, the biggest order (and thereby the biggest donation) will have their Name (or a Character Name of their creation) included in a (probably more than one) piece of S.D.Z.A. Fiction, and that character (or an analogue of you yourself) have their own Profile in the Rules too (I may even do a specially converted Miniature as well, it depends how good the idea is LoL)

So, ring the new-year in by helping yourself to some Nexus Toys - you can helping others to - but be quick, only a few days left!

On other news, I've been advised the new Castings are on their way - so its also your last chance to get the new releases at Pre-Order Prices! (And your last chance for the "Its a Big Thing" Prize Draw Either LoL) - Many thanks to everyone who's placed an order - I hope you will be as excited as I am when you get your new Toys!

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