Saturday 15 October 2016


A few of you might have remembered a couple of weeks ago I found some Cobra Skimmers that I though I didn't have! A few happy customers snapped them up fast - and I was asked if there were any more "deals" lying around LoL!

As it turned out, there were some other items of stock in the Box I didn't know I had. Morlocks, some of the Rebel/Freedom Fighters, some Prophets, and a few Caprican Legion.

The Capricans are currently being re-stocked, but if you can't wait I've listed these few I have left in the store. They are an "odd" number, so to give those who want them a chance - I've listed them individually. When these are gone, anyone wanting any will have to wait for the restocks when they get here.!/Caprican-Legion-Trooper-No-1-Trooper-Officer/p/56661263/category=15326628!/Caprican-Legion-Trooper-No-2-Rifle-Raised/p/56661286/category=15326628!/Caprican-Legion-Trooper-No-3-Rifle-Lowered/p/56661336/category=15326628

There were some of the Rebel/Freedom Fighters (Porky and Do-Gooder) too, so they have been reduced to just £5 for a pair for a while.!/Rebel-Freedom-Fighters-Porky-&-Do-Gooder/p/56641802/category=15325059

Because of my "find" the Morlock Mob is BACK and even better! Just £10 for SIX Morlocks! Combine that with the Capricans I mentioned above, and Dr Makalay you have a Brotherhood Army!!/Morlock-Mob/p/60309257/category=16633048

Lastly, one of our Signature Models is now down to £4 for a short period - so snap him up while you can!!/Deadling-Hero-No-01-The-Prophet/p/56989816

Don't forget, we're down to our last Sentry too.!/Mark-I-Blackwood-Industries-Sentry-Unit/p/56641820/category=15325060

Friday 14 October 2016



The Inanis-Cutem (empty skin) Promethean is a towering monster that stands over 90mm tall, these are strictly limited and we currently only have 12 in stock! Sculpted by Dave Stone. £14.99 whilst stocks last.!/The-Inanis-Cutem-empty-skin-Promethean/p/73354386/category=15325060

The M832 Mini-Gun. A great little extra, again sculpted by Dave Stone. Perfect for upgrading Sentry's and MATATS (or vehicles for other Wargames). A good price point for a heavy weapon cast in resin, at over 37mm in length. Get yours whilst stocks last for £1.99 each.!/The-M832-Mini-Gun/p/73354398/category=15325060

Lastly, the Mark I Heavy Weapon MATAT. Carrying both a Subsonic Blaster Cannon and an M832 Mini-Gun Making the Mark I Heavy Weapon M.A.T.A.T.​ the HEAVIEST of Support. Saving 50p over buying the MATAT and the Mini-Gun Separately. £14.49 whilst stocks last.!/Mark-I-Heavy-Weapon-M-A-T-A-T/p/73354469/category=15325060

On other news, I'm down to my last Sentry Unit - if you want one (without waiting too long) I'd snap him up while you can!!/Mark-I-Blackwood-Industries-Sentry-Unit/p/56641820/category=15325060

Wednesday 12 October 2016



The Pre-Order Retro-Booster part of the Website is still online (!/Pre-Release-Order-Items/c/15426785) not by choice, for some reasons the automated "cut off" didn't work - and (to make things even more fun) at the moment I can't even add the new stuff to the store LoL.

At some point between now and Saturday - I am going to HAVE to take the whole thing down for maintenance and get in there with a Knife :/

So DON'T panic if you look and the Webstore is missing/down - I am not suddenly going to go away, it's just essential maintainance I need to do to get things working again so I can add the Promethean and a new "accessory" to the webstore.


Monday 10 October 2016

Nexus Update 10th October 2016


Nexus Update 10th October 2016 (you can also download it directly from the Nexus Miniatures Webstore

If you want this direct to your inbox - please send an email to with "Nexus Update" as the message title.

Monday 3 October 2016


Our first "Retro-Booster" went quite well, though we didn't quite get there with the "I.D.D. Troopers and Command" we managed to unlock the "New Defenders", Red Sector Crew Sets 1 & 2, the Future Force and their Enemies of the Machine Empire, "The Strangers" and their Enemy "The Demon Gorgon", AND the Morrow Men!

Though we missed with the I.D.D. Troopers and Command, its not a reason to be sad - its something to look forward to as the next S.D.Z.A. Retro-Booster will lead off with them (and more)! Expect it in the New-Year.

Coming soon will be a Retro-Booster for our Horror Range "Sharp Distinction" - which will include all sorts of Lovecraft and Hollywood Monsters and Beasties.

We've decided to make the Sharp Distinction Retro-Booster much more simple, with a set range of Miniatures to pre-order over a slightly shorter period of time (no need to make it longer with no Unlocks to stretch for).

Here are some examples of what you can look forward to . . . .

Right now I'd like to thank EVERYONE who pre-ordered, and (to keep you excited) you can expect a "Nexus Update" every Monday. The Monday Updates will (from now on) have progress reports, news and plans, and even rules snippets from the upcoming "Nexus System" - a trimmed down version will be posted to Facebook, the Blog (, the Lead Adventure forum, and Twitter (Drew@NEXUSMINIATURES) - but if you want the PDF sent to you simply Email with "Nexus Update" in the subject line to start receiving the Nexus Update PDF each Monday.

Once again, thanks to EVERYONE who Boosted - and I hope you are all still as excited as I am :D

Regards - Drew

Tuesday 27 September 2016

The Initiative Defense Directorate

The I.D.D. (Initiative Defense Directorate) Troopers are a familiar sight in the Worlds Hot Spots - whether acting as Support for the Primes of the Initiative, or as support for local City Defense Forces I.D.D. Troopers are always on hand to help.

Sculpted by the extremely talented Carl Stoelzel, the I.D.D. Troopers and I.D.D. Command will be the next "Unlock" (should we get there LoL)

The Morrow Men are now Unlocked and up for Advance-Order (!/The-Morrow-Men/p/72133162/category=15426785) so now is the perfect time to enter into our "Nominate a Friend" Competition ;-) - find the information here

Monday 26 September 2016



The Morrow Men!

4 gifted young people turned Adventurers, sent back in time by Professor Carl Morrow to help the (by then missing) Future Force.

'The Morrow Men' Nicholas, Sammie, Peter, and Liz - perfect for Retro Science Fiction, Spy-Fi, & Cult-TV Gaming.

Pre-Order Price £16.50! (RRP £19.00).

Sculpted by the Great Carl Stoelzel!!/The-Morrow-Men/p/72133162/category=15426785

(Now its even a better time to enter into our "Nominate a Friend" Competition ;-) - find the information here