Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Good News, Great News, and Not-So-Good News

Great News I have Fresh Castings! 

The Not so Good news is Harry solo got "mashed" during mastering (see picture) - which means He's going to have to be repaired and re-mastered sadly (so Harry Solo is INDEED going Solo ;) ) It happens sometimes like this (to be frank, I was actually more worried about the Prophet) I'm afraid its "just part of the Biz" as it were, all I can do is plough on!

Rather than make people wait any further, I'm sending the Bulk of Everyones Order now - and Harry will be sent later on as soon as he's repaired, re-mastered, and Cast Up.

For those Waiting - we have two options - Store Credit , which I will double to £8 for the inconvenience of waiting even longer - please contact me at on how to do that - and I'll set up a specific code JUST for you (see how GREAT I am) or I can refund you the Cost of Your Harry Solo. The Seraphis Institute "Lite" as I am calling it, is available now - and Harry will (of course) be made available at a Later Date.

ON THE GREAT SIDE - The Castings are STUNNING (the Prophet is so nice, I won't lie - I got a little weepy) 

We also have VERY Limited Quantities of the Seraphis Pistol (four to a pack) for £1.00 a set.

The D-Rangers are now re-stocked too, and we now have the new "Six Pack" Deal - Six D-Rangers, plus three Helmet Sprues for £18.00!

LASTLY due to an Overstock, Dr Mackalay is now "On Sale" for £2.00 - the Twin Pack with Pisacha has also been reduced - Now's your chance to get this "Magnetic" Hero at a knock down Price!

Shipping Starts Processing Today - I'm doing it in "Order Order" just to be fair!

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