Saturday, 5 December 2015

Uni-Tech - a Corporation for the Future

Uni-Tech - a Corporation for the Future, or so their P.R. Department would have us believe.

They want the world to forget their past mistakes, like the cloning of the first Dinosaurs and the eventual chaos that stemmed from that project - but the release of a mutagenic virus that created Mutants, Super Beings, and the Living Dead is a tough list to leave behind.

Still, they move forward - innovating, striving for Corporate Dominance. A tough deal when competing against Varian Blackwood who gives away everything, and JorĊgumo Industries who always seem to undercut their prices.

Famed for putting on a show, parades being a favourite - Uni-Tech recently brought in Dress Uniforms, sporting a bright and striking Orange and Grey colour scheme - they certainly do provide a dashing spectacle.

In the setting of S.D.Z.A. (Super-Hero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse) Uni-Tech are the Corporation responsible for the Dino-Parks and the subsequent mess created - in game terms they can be played as either bad or good guys (depending on personal perspective and desire). 

They have some of the best Weapons and Technology in the game, and so tend not to show up in vast numbers - but even so turn out in bigger forces than say Shanty Dwellers or Scraps. 

Ruthless, Efficient, and Direct are words that best sum-up Uni-Tech and their style of Play - both in the World of SDZA and the upcoming rules.

These guys are welcome 'Visitors' (see what I did there) to any Retro Sci-Fi Wargames Table or Miniature Collection - Uni-Tech are an important part of the S.D.Z.A. (Super-Hero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse) Universe as they were responsible for the Experiment (Project Re-Birth) that led to the outbreak of the R.D.S. (Reactive De-evolution Syndrome) Virus and the mutagenic effects that created the Carrion (Zombies), Primes (Dinosaurs), and the Prehistoric and De-Evolved Animals.

The Uni-Tech Range Can Be Found in the Nexus Webstore - Here

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