Thursday, 28 May 2015

Uni-Tech - a Corporation for the Future, or so their P.R. Department would have us believe.

They want the world to forget their past mistakes, like the cloning of the first Dinosaurs and the eventual chaos that stemmed from that project - but the release of a mutagenic virus that created Mutants, Super Beings, and the Living Dead is a tough list to leave behind.

Still, they move forward - innovating, striving for Corporate Dominance. A tough deal when competing against Varian Blackwood who gives away everything, and JorĊgumo Industries who always seem to undercut their prices.

Famed for putting on a show, parades being a favourite - Uni-Tech recently brought in Dress Uniforms, sporting a bright and striking Orange and Grey colour scheme - they certainly do provide a dashing spectacle.

In the setting of S.D.Z.A. (Super-Hero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse) Uni-Tech are the Corporation responsible for the Dino-Parks and the subsequent mess created - in game terms they can be played as either bad or good guys (depending on personal perspective and desire). 

They have some of the best Weapons and Technology in the game, and so tend not to show up in vast numbers - but even so turn out in bigger forces than say Shanty Dwellers or Scraps. 

Ruthless, Efficient, and Direct are words that best sum-up Uni-Tech and their style of Play.

Uni-Tech Miniatures Sculpted by Martin Buck, Uni-Tech Dress Uniform Painting by Clayton Conduff, and the Uni-Tech Propaganda Art by Carl Stoelzel.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Releases, Master Castings, and New Miniatures

The first Master Castings are now "in the post" and should be with me shortly. 

In around two weeks, the new releases will be out (two Months worth) -including (hopefully) the initial version of the Mystery release plus re-stocks of everything I've been short of.

In theory, after that - releases will be more regular :D

More great news, I have added this little beauty to the Nexus Stable - sculpted by Ian Morton, "Ronin-X" will be our first Rogue Prime (or Ronin as they are known in  S.D.Z.A.).

Ian is also starting work on the second Miniature for the Rogue Prime range, "Ronin-B".

Friday, 22 May 2015

Master Castings

I SHOULD get samples of Masters to "proof" on Tuesday/Wednesday of all the new Miniatures, along with the a test casting of the "secret project" ;)

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Two Months Releases

WELL after a long chat with my Caster, things are going well - Morlocks looking good, new 'Furious' F.O.N. and extra heads looking good, new 'By Your Command" ASP Troopers/Caprican Legion looking (his words) GREAT - and the two new Uni-Tech Troopers are looking 'V'ery good as well (see what I did there LoL).

And the secret project is taking shape nicely too!

With Dave working hard on the M.A.T.A.T. casting - its full steam ahead for the next (in actuality two Months) releases!


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Agents for the D.O.I.

Circling around the side of the Truck, Sculder signalled to Mulley to do the same - but around the other side. Looking over his shoulder at Captain Yates of the 5th A.S.P. Trooper Battalion he nodded towards Mulley - Yates knew to give her backup, and two short hand gestures later Yates and his men followed Agent Mulley around the Truck to the other side of the building.

They had tracked the killer to this remote Homestead deep in the Barrens 20 miles outside of Vegas City.

This was something new, the Killer was draining all the blood out of his Victims - literally sucking them dry. Initially Mulley (who was had trained as a Doctor before joining the D.O.I.) had come to the conclusion that the Killer was using a powerful blood pumping device to exsanguinate his victims - but when she found Saliva containing Dino DNA in the wounds on the victims body, she came to the only possible conclusion - it was a new kind of Dinosaur, one that fed on blood rather than flesh and bone.

As Sculder rounded the corner, he saw Mulley and Captain Yates standing there watching the marbre scene - dozens of Alsatian sized winged Dinosaurs, covered in quills feeding off the body of a downed Ornithopod - suckling the blood like a swarm of ghoulish babies at a bloody teet.

A lot bigger than fossilized examples, these were obviously Pegomastax Africanus - the so called "Vampire Dinosaur" that Paleontologists insisted were actually plant eaters. Looked like Sculder and Mulley had found their Murderer - a pack of Vampire dinosaurs that most definitely weren't vegetarian!

As Agents for the D.O.I. (Division Of Investigation) - Wolfe Sculder and Katherine Mulley have a clear mission statement, investigate Criminal Activities outside the Mandate of the United American City States Police Authorities - but their work has taken a far more 'interesting' turn.

Uni-Tech, Jorogumo Industries, and the Montgomery Initiative all have hidden agendas - leaks of information, deep cover investigations, and informers have taken them closer and closer to the truth.

Often taking the well armed and equipped A.S.P. Troopers with them for backup, Sculder and Mulley uncover truths most are afraid to look for.

Shocking as it might be - The Truth Is Out There . . . . . .

Nexus Miniatures Painted by 
Clayton Conduff

Scenery constructed and painted by Clayton Conduff

Agents Wolfe Sculder & Katherine Mulley

Product Spotlight!

NX19 - American Agent 01 (Wolfe Sculder) £3.75 Each
NX20 - American Agent 02 (Katherine Mulley) £3.75 Each
or £7.00 for the Pair

Agents Wolfe Sculder & Katherine Mulley painted by Clayton Conduff 

A New Beginning . . . . .

Jump forward to 1990, the world has started to settle down - Uni-Tech has been involved in several Scandals involving Politicians around the World in many Countries and City States taking 'gratuities' from Uni-Tech. Said Politicians were all involved in Voting on Policies or the Passing of Bills that involved Uni-Techs business in those locations - even though Agents and Operatives such as Jacob Nexus of British Intelligence or Wolf Sculder and Kate Mulley of the D.O.I. uncovered evidence that seriously implicated Uni-Tech in these scandals. The Courts in each instance mysteriously found Uni-Tech to be innocent of any wrong doings.

Primes in Country's all over the world start to take over, this naturally leads to a Cold War - sometimes breaking out into out and out Conflict, Ricardo Khan declares Independence for the Bengal City State, his massive intellect and will raising an army of Carnivorous Dinosaurs to do his bidding.

The Other Indian City States, fearing Khans eventual Victory launch a Nuclear Strike against Bengal devastating it completely. Though there are reports that Khan fled the City and survived.

In the United City-States of America, a similar situation occurs - the Arlington shanty is dominated by a Prime calling himself the Soothsayer. He raises an Army of Primes, Mutts, and Morlocks and Marches on the Washington City State stating his intent on removing the last remnants of Government there and declaring himself Emperor of the Americas. A Nuclear strike is ordered, wiping out he Soothsayer's Army. It was obvious to the World this was setting a dangerous precedent - that simply using a Nuclear strike was the answer to all the world's problems, and that taking that simple answer would eventually lead to disaster. 

Uni-Tech scientists had already realized that hard Radiation had an affect on the R.D.S. Virus after the Doombringer incident in 1983, possibly creating further mutations in those affected by it. This not only filled them with jealousy, as they had consistently failed to create Primes artificially - but worried them, as the release of radiation into the environment could speed up the 'evolution' of the Primes. Uni-Tech then started to take a more 'passive' (and positive) role in world Politics, actively and openly supporting Governments around the world.

In 1985, Varian Blackwood started Blackwood Industries - by 1990, in just 5 years Blackwood Industries had become the foremost Company world wide for producing Medical and non-Lethal Weapon Technology - Unlike Uni-Tech, such technology and Aid is given freely (another thorn in Uni-Techs side).

With Varians Help, NATO formed a new Elite Force known as the A.S.P. (Apocalypse Security Personnel) Troopers - charged with protecting the Planet from new and unusual Threats, the A.S.P.s are recruited from the best and are given the best equipment. One of their most Famous is Major Caprican, famous for his dashing good looks and derring do attitude. Christopher Caprican, in his quest for attention and adoration, insists on a special helmet design for his Troopers - and their Armour is White, rather than the standard Pale Grey of the A.S.P.s

It seemed like a new beginning for the world with Varian watching out for the planet and the newly formed A.S.P. Troopers as its Guardians.

But this story was far from over, in fact - it was just beginning . . . . . . 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Poor Doctor Crowther . . . . .

It was dark, very dark - Varian rounded the corner of the escalator and saw the Carrion group eating Doctor Crowther. Luckily his eyes easily acclimated to bad lighting. El Cid was not far behind, Varian looked at his Cat. El Cid bowed his head, sat, and waited.

Doctor Crowther was Varians most accomplished Tech assistant, and had travelled to just outside San Angeles - specifically to the remains of the Hanso 
Foundation. He had been accompanied by Varian, Commander Craine of A.S.P. command, and a unit of A.S.P. Troopers. 

They had needed Doctor Crowther's expertise in getting the old and damaged mainframe running - so as to retrieve the Data on Uni-Techs more shady 
dealings, that they had been reliably informed had been 'lost' in there. Unfortunately, Doctor Crowther in his excitement over going on a field mission had wandered off - and had met his end at the hands of a group of particularly hungry Carrion.

Varian activated the neural scrambler at his belt, this neat little device - when activated, meant that both Carrion and Dinosaurs would pretty much ignore Varian, provided he made no fast or aggressive moves towards them.

Keeping his Sub-Sonic Energizer levelled - he carefully moved towards the Carrion, with the intention of retrieving Doctor Crowthers code key - which was needed to access the main frame. Getting it working on his own would be challenging, not impossible but difficult.

As he crept nearer to the gory tablea, the Carrion raised their heads and looked at him - this was normal, as they were still aware of him when the scrambler was activated, they just didn't care he was there.

What happened next wasn't in the least bit normal - as they lunged towards him, with snarling eyes and grasping hands.

It was at that point Varian noticed, they were all wearing Uni-Tech control collars - the whole thing was a trap!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Bit of a quiet Day today, a couple of Orders to send out - some writing to do, but little else. 

So how about a Bit of Fun - IT'S COMPETITION TIME!

All you have to do is Write a Scenario Outline for S.D.Z.A. - the Deadline for this is my Birthday (the 23rd of May) as I like fun things to read on my Birthday.

The Winners will be judged by the S.D.Z.A. Playtesters Group (collectively known as Highwaymen)

The top three write ups will get turned into proper S.D.Z.A. (Super-Hero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse) by me, with Faction Details and Profiles - which will appear in the S.D.Z.A. Rulebook with a your name in the Credits.

Now, on to Prizes.

1st Place will win a PAINTED pre-production "RoboBorg" Miniature (like the one in the picture) and its an original 3D Print (not a re-cast), AND AND a Set of the original 5 Releases as Resin Master Castings.


2nd Place will win a pre-production "RoboBorg" Miniature (like the one in the picture) and its an original 3D Print (not a re-cast), AND a Set of the original 5 Releases in Metal.

3rd Place will win a Set of the original 5 Releases in Metal.

Rules and Regulations

Entries by Email to me at Nexus Miniatures ( or - the Deadline for Entry is Midnight on the 23r of May 2015. You should include your Name/Forum Name with your Entry.

Only one Scenario Outline Entry per person.

Winning Scenario Outlines will written up properly for use with S.D.Z.A. and will be published in both the First PDF and Physical Copy of S.D.Z.A. Basic.

Having a winning entry does not entitle you to further payment or royalties, your entitlement is fulfilled by the Prize you may win - by entering the competition it is taken you agree to this. 

No Cash alternatives are offered to the Prizes.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Would You Like To Know More?

For More Information - we Have a Web Page, A Facebook Page, and a Facebook Group!

"Would You Like To Know More?"

New 3D Prints

Ooooooh, some new 3D Prints came through today! 

An Updated set of "RoboBorgs" (chunkier, easier to cast without losing details such as hands LoL). 

Two Inorganic Servants "2X4B - 523P" and "Biddi" a diminutive personal Aid. 

Lastly, we have a  B.O.C.S. Units (Basic Operational Computerised Soldier) an 8 foot tall mechanical Goliath created to stop people escaping "Omega Colony" (Run Runnah) - but more on that later!

Unfortunately, these super detailed prints are translucent - so theres not a lot to photograph LoL!

Will be sorting out about mastering them in Metal now - man, it never ends LoL.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Primes on Patrol!

Primes on Patrol!

NX01 - F.O.N. Operative 01 (Psychic Hero) and NX02 - F.O.N. Operative 02 (Beastly Hero - with the optional NX03 - Wolfman Head, available separately)

Available Now!

Saturday, 9 May 2015


We have an Official Nexus Miniatures Facebook Page - mostly for previews of new Miniatures and Art, its none the less a good place to catch up on everything Nexus Miniatures and S.D.Z.A!

The Initiative

The World's Primes weren't united - by 1981 we were seeing both destructive Primes either causing havoc, or seizing control of small communities with the intention of raising warbands.

To Director Rick Savage, the Chief Executive Officer of the Initiative, and a Prime himself. The situation was unacceptable, he knew something had to be done - or the global situation with regards to these Super Beings was going to get much worse.

The Initiative dates back to 1947 as a result of the Roswell scare, its mandate was to act as a world investigation and defense force. Looking into strange occurrences and threats to world peace, and acting on them independent of any Government interference or influence. 

In 1981 however, the Initiative changed with the mass recruitment of Primes into its ranks - most primes do not like to take Human life, the see all life as sacred whether it be Dino, Mutt, Norm, or Prime - and seek to do no harm wherever possible. This isn't to say they won't take more extreme measures when pushed, they just prefer not to if at all possible.

Commonly called "F.O.N." (shorthand for Freaks of Nature) by the rest of Humanity, these Brave men and women defend humanity regardless of any discrimination against them.

Whilst the Global defense mandate of the Initiative remained, the desire for less violent solutions to problems too precedent - this was enforced when Savage made a deal with Varian for Technological aid, and all the troopers were armed with Non-Lethal Subsonic Weaponry.

The Initiative maintains installations worldwide, but their main base is a gigantic hovercraft.

Their Mobile base of Operations is a gigantic Hover Platform known as the Vigilant - it is maintained by a crew of 124 Initiative Operatives, has a standing force of 80 Initiative Troopers and has at least 10 Primes stationed there at anyone time.

It uses similar lift technology to the Mark I Cobra Low Altitude Skimmer it cruises just above the ground, high enough to avoid trees, dinosaurs, and residential buildings - but not high enough to attract attention from above.

The Vigilant has the best in security technology, including several mounted Blackwood Industries "Neural Scrambler" which emits subsonic waves that cause both Dinosaurs and Carrion to (for the most part, its not perfected yet) ignore the Vigilant should it have cause to land.

The Initiative stands as a force for peace and stability, in a world gone wild.

Coming Soon - THE M.A.T.A.T.!

Coming Soon - THE M.A.T.A.T.!

The Blackwood Industries Mark I Sentry Unit isn’t the only Robot in Town.

The NATO A.S.P. troopers also have Inorganic Backup, based on earlier non-Varian A.I. Technology - the M.A.T.A.T. (Mobile All Terrain Automated Trooper) Units can have a tendency to Malfunction when not maintained properly, shooting on friend and foe alike.

Still, their presence on any field of Battle far outweighs any concerns over safety - as they are only used away from the Civilian Population.

Armed with a Subsonic Cannon and a "Grabber" (a modified mechanical claw which grew out of the Cutter and Spreader devices used by Rescue Services) capable of exerting 95 tonnes of pressure. A M.A.T.A.T. can also be fitted with Twin-Linked heavy blaster rifles, a flame-thrower, or a water cannon depending on the nature of its duties.

Soon to be released (should have been earlier, DAMN YOU SALUTE!) 66mm Tall, cast in Resin 50mm Base. £12.99 Each. Sculpted by Carl Stoelzel​ - assisted by Dave Stone​. I'll be taking orders for it in about a week or so.

The First Picture is of an actual production Model, the second Picture is of the Pre-Production Model to give an idea of scale (Porky Ironsides Miniature not Included).

Off to the Tower we go, must choose Above, Between, Below . . . .

Even today, in the Modern Age Trade around the world is still hampered - Air Travel is almost non-existent, the only Flyers out there are low altitude Skimmers that function as little more than hovering ground transports and fighter craft.

There are things above the clouds that drop aircraft out of the sky without survivors - telemetry tells us they are huge, gigantic creatures, reptilian, undoubtedly some form of Flying Dinosaur - but what they are doing above the clouds, and where they nest is unknown, and without a safe way of getting up there and physically looking (and coming back alive) its likely to remain a mystery.

The Oceans are similarly problematic - occasionally a vessel can travel relatively long distances without issue - other times, even the shortest of journeys can be fraught with danger - and ships, and crews - vanish without trace.
Because of this - Travel across the ocean is rare, the only ships maintained by any City State or Nation (or NATO) are Aircraft Carrier Sized, and even they would get attacked from time to time.

A Short list of possible encounters at Sea (and these aren't even the Obvious ones).

Jaekelopterus - A type of Sea "Scorpion" - imagine more than 8 feet of armored and clawed horror. Which could happily clamber on board a smaller boat. Originally they were extinct way before the Dinosaurs came along - nowadays they are swimming around side by side.

The Dunkleosteus was a 30+ foot long Carnivorous tank! Instead of teeth, it had a bony "beak" like arrangement - like a turtle. It has been calculated that they had a bite force of 8,000 pounds - enough to bite through the hull of a ship :/

Kronosaurus, a short-necked pliosaur, was a “mere” 30 feet long and the longest teeth in its massive mouth were 11 inches long. A Kronosaurs head was around 9 feet long- basically one could pretty much chew on a whole person in one go, and still have room left half another. Some Scientists have theorized that since their flippers really  similar in design to those of modern sea turtles, that they may have crawled out onto land to lay its eggs (I would hate to be on the beach during breeding season).

And what with the Basilosaurus (imagine an 80+ foot long Carnivorous alligator/snake/whale that makes the Great White kinda pointless) my feet would be staying on dry-land.

If being out in the Barrens is scary in S.D.Z.A. - then being out on the Oceans would be terrifying!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Shanty Dwellers and Walled Cities

The Universe of S.D.Z.A. has a "darker" side - Dino-Hunts and Carrion bashing is fun and all, but there's a sad side to the whole story - and it revolves around the Shanty Dwellers that live around the Walled City-States.

The Shanty towns around the walled Cities are bohemian bustling affairs, some are static - they pick a safe and secure section of wall, usually by a main gate - as they have more security on the walls. Others are made up of Caravans and Wagons, usually pulled by hand or horses - and the move around the City Walls, not only to avoid Dinosaur Attacks but to avoid bad Weather as well.

The survive by trading and hunting, small Dino's provide meat - of course that involves going out into the Barrens, and many don't return from such hunting trips. Those living in the static Shanty Towns often grow food, small patches of fruit and vegetables growing around these towns are a common site. Along with pens for Goats, Pigs, and Chickens.

Life is hard, and these Shanty Dwellers dream of being accepted inside the walls of the City. Once a year, most Cities hold a lottery. Hundreds and Hundreds of Shanty Dwellers congregate near a main gate. Tickets are given out, and a hundred (more in some cases) People win the right to move into the City - what those outside don't realize is the winners spend three years as indentured servants to the City, working in the Reclamation Plant, the Hydroponic Farms, Sewage Treatment Services etc. Life is hard, some even die if they are older or their health isn't up to it. Af those three years they are given a place of their own (they are housed in Barracks whilst indentured) to live and a Job fitting to their intelligence and level of training. On average around a 25 out of 100 achieve this, some die natural deaths, others die because of accidents in the work place - as you can imagine, work safety isn't a priority for these "expendables" and as most "City States" as they refer to themselves operate on an almost feudal system of government, as you can imagine - the regular population have little or no rights.

There are exceptions to this, in the UK both South Wales and Scotland sealed off their borders - Scotland was the first to do so, they quickly reacted to the World situation. South Wales was pretty fast off the mark, when they erected Electrified Fencing as North Wales started to fall. Both South Wales and Scotland take in refugees regularly - after stringent medial checks have been made.

London is the only walled City in the World that's trying to expand, they take refugees every month - who work as part of the construction team. A new Section of wall is build AROUND the outer wall, the old inner wall is then torn down and recycled - turned into rubble to be used as filler for the Concrete for a future wall section, or used to build new housing for the refugees taken in. Building has moved underground, expanding old sewer systems and disused underground tunnels - and turning them into Hydroponic Gardens, there's even grazing land down there for Cattle and other Food Animals. All waste is recycled, and used as Fertilizer, Animal Feed, or turned into Methane for fuel. Nothing is wasted.

The Caprican Legion

Not seen by many, and unknown to the Masses - the Brotherhood do in fact have a standing Army. Comprised of rogue F.O.N. Operatives, Morlocks, Human Sympathizers, and the mysterious Caprican Legion.

The original Caprican Legionnaires were former ASP Troopers who manifested Mutations brought upon by the R.D.S. Virus - the crack 12 Man team led by Major Caprican, fearing for their position and status - not only within the Ranks of the ASP Troopers, but also society as a whole, vanished into the Wilderness. Taking with them a cache of ASP Trooper weapons and gear

Showing up some time later fighting amongst the ranks of the Brotherhood as the white clad Caprican Legion.

The Caprican Legionnaires are never seen without their Unique Helmets, different in design to the Regulation ASP Trooper gear - more menacing and completely covering their heads. The stories go that the Legionnaires are so deformed, so twisted by the R.D.S. Virus - that they never show their faces out of shame.

Other stories tell of them augmenting their slowly decaying bodies with stolen Varian Blackwood Technology, and that they are more Machine than Man now - held together by their Armour and stolen and forced into service merged with their twisted and broken forms.

New Miniatures and Pre-Orders

The Miniatures that were finished MONTHS ago, are finally being cast up!

I've been promised Samples of new miniatures and Re-Stocks by the end of next week, if thats the case - I shall be putting the new stuff up for pre-order a week or so after - with the intent of pre-orders being shipped the moment I get the stocks.

Anyone placing a pre-order will get a further 10% off the below prices AND a Limited Edition S.D.Z.A. Pin Badge (while stocks last - and there aren't many as the final design will be changing).

The Current "Next Wave" is at the moment - 

NX23 - F.O.N. Operative 03 (Furious Hero) £3.50 Each

You will be able to combine this with -

NX01 - F.O.N. Operative 01 (Psychic Hero) £3.50 Each
NX02 - F.O.N. Operative 02 (Beastly Hero) £3.50 Each

at either £6.50 for a Pair or £10.00 for All Three

NX24 - Extra F.O.N. Heads Set 02 (The Gambler and the Devil) 99p Each

NX25 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper/Offcer (Rifle or Pistol) 01 £3.25 Each
NX26 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper 02 (Rifle Raised) £3.25 Each 
NX27 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper 03 (Rifle Lowered) £3.25 Each

or £9.00 for all Three

NX28 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Weapon Sprue 01 99p Each

NX29 - Morlock 01 (Unarmed) £3.00 Each
NX30 - Morlock 02 (Unarmed/Armed) £3.00 Each
NX31 - Brotherhood Morlock 03 (Armed/Two Choices) £3.00 Each

or £8.25 for all Three.

The NXDS01 - Doom Squad Deal will also be changing. Two of Each FON, two different Head Sprues, and a Sentry for £30.00! (thats a saving of over 15%)

Morlock Pictures as soon as I have decent pics!!

Either contact me through Facebook or direct at Nexus Miniatures ( or to place an order (give it a couple of weeks), and I am hoping to finally have the shopping cart working about the same time too.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

It was the best of times . . . it was the worst of times . . .

For Leonard Nimoy, who will be missed . . . . 

Bill James and Simon Leonard had been Rangers since The Year of Chaos way back in 1983, Bill laughed to himself "Rangers"? "Not really, we were little more than snot nosed kids back then, recruited to fill up the ranks". The original Rangers were the Scientists, Veterinarian’s, and Animal Creatures hired and trained specifically to deal with Dinosaurs. When the Dinosaurs started breaking out of the enclosures in Dino-Parks all over the world - it was an all you can eat buffet for the Carnivores, reducing the ranks of the Rangers to almost Zero. Thus creating a vacuum that needed to be filled as quickly as possible, and there were no shortage of willing recruits either.

Both Bill and Simon were both now in their 50's, and all they seemed to talk about when off duty, was work - and being 'to old for this s*#t' - and laughing over a cold beer or two. By all rights they should be considering retirement, but thanks to their station (Rangers are considered the Elite within Society) they had a free and steady supply of Varian's miracle drug "Tardinox" - so physically, they looked and felt like men in their mid-thirties. Some days, however, they really felt their age - and today was one of those days.

After spending nearly 24 hours straight trying to guide a herd safely past the Aztec Ruins of Calixtlahuaca, fending off Giaour who were after a quick meal, and poachers looking to score Dinosaur Glands and Hides - they felt OLDER than their age.

Still the job has changed since back the beginning, where Rangers were expected to take Dinosaurs down - now most of the world’s cities are walled off, offering a lot more protection than just regular patrols. Almost every City-State in the world had a contingent of Rangers, and at least 50 permanently Stationed ASP Troopers.

Having a new Ranger around, especially a young and attractive one like Janice, just served to accentuate the fact that both Bill and Simon were old - Bill looked at Janice and saw a child, but - as was the case - she looked at Bill and saw a vibrant man in his prime, not an over the hill Ranger with shot out knees and bad eyesight if it wasn't for his daily dose of the anti-aging Drug.

Janice came over to the table in the corner of the Cantina where they were resting up for the night, ready to make the long trip by ground-skimmer back to San Angeles in the morning. OK, it was safer than attempting to take a flight, but man did it take a long time to get to your destination.

Janice sat down next to Bill and smiled, Simon looked over at Bill and gave him that stony look he always gave him whenever Simon knew Bill was about to disappoint him.

Janice stood up, put her room key's in Bills hand and kissed him "Follow me up in 30 minutes" she said.

Bill smiled putting his feet up on the table and leaning back in his chair "Like I always say to the Rookies looking to score, act like you don't care and they come a-knocking".

Simon looked at him, it was obvious that he was feeling exasperated with Bill "your illogical approach to women does have its advantages on occasion Bill".

"Yes" said Bill "Yes it does" . . . .

Martin ‘Varian’ Blackwood

Martin ‘Varian’ Blackwood – an enigma of a man, when asked where the name Varian came from he admits Varian was his Mother’s Maiden name, a name he adopted as his own – out of love and respect for her memory.

He came seemingly from nowhere, with resources and knowledge beyond 1985 - the year he first entered the public eye. Within a Decade Varian Blackwood Technologies had become a Technological and Charitable Giant – rivalling Uni-Tech, a situation Uni-Tech resented greatly.

Seemingly ageless, it has been presumed that Varian is a Prime – and that his powers are that of Immortality and Great Intellect. But it is known that neither Carrion nor Dinosaurs will attack him.

He has been known to disappear for Weeks at a time – no one, not even his closest associates know where he goes as he resides on an artificial Island (that he calls Avalon) which makes it hard to keep a track of his activities.

Avalon is just off the coast of San Angeles - where Varian spends his time creating new technologies (to help the world) or scuba diving down to the ruined city now beneath the waves – almost as if he is looking for something he has lost. When not below the surface of the Sea, he is always accompanied by a Cat he calls ‘El-Cid’ – that seems way more intelligent and attentive than a regular house-cat.

Varian carries a device he calls the ‘Sub-Sonic Energizer’ – it is Unique to him. This tuning fork like devices main function is as a sub-sonic energy based multi-tool – and can also be used as a Weapon, although it is rarely used as one.

Varian Blackwood – a man for the Future, helping the world today . . . . 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Condor Knight, the Twilight Avenger

Not All Primes (those with Super Powers) work for the Initiative or are part of the Brotherhood - there are those who live on the fringes of society. 

The call themselves Ronin . . . . 

These Ronin, are Rogue Primes who refuse to work with either The Brotherhood or the Initiative. They gather in bands or teams and wander the Barrens helping people as and when they are needed.

Not all Ronin are touched by the R.D.S. Virus, one such Ronin calls himself The Condor Knight, the Twilight Avenger.

Andrew Scott was never "touched" by the R.D.S. Virus, he was never that lucky - sure he knew there were as many Freaks and Mutts as there were Primes - but he idolized those people who made up the Ranks of the F.O.N. Operatives of the Initiative, and held the Brotherhood in high regard for what they were trying to achieve.

He had grown up in a world of wonders and Super-Heroes, but seemed destined to be nothing more than an unremarkable Administrative Assistant at Blackwood Industries. Till one day, some interesting paperwork came across his desk - of a now closed research department, and their details.

"Project Condor" was an abandoned Blackwood Industries project, the idea was to create an armoured flight suit to make the Security Forces as mobile as the fastest Dinosaur - whilst leaving them armoured and protected. When City States all over the world began maintaining F.O.N. Institutes the idea of the Condor-Suits were abandoned ans costly and unnecessary, even though the final Unit worked.

Taking the name from his favourite Comic Book character from when he was a child and feeling abandoned by what he considered his destiny, Scott 'borrowed' the Technology and took up the Mantle of "Condor Knight, the Twilight Avenger".

The Truth Is Out There . . . . . .

As Agents for the D.O.I. (Division Of Investigation) - Wolfe Sculder and Katherine Mulley have a clear mission statement, investigate Criminal Activities outside the Mandate of the United American City States Police Authorities - but their work has taken a far more 'interesting' turn.

Uni-Tech, Jorogumo Industries, and the Montgomery Initiative all have hidden agendas - leaks of information, deep cover investigations, and informers have taken them closer and closer to the truth.

Often taking the well armed and equipped A.S.P. Troopers with them for backup, Sculder and Mulley uncover truths most are afraid to look for.

Shocking as it might be - The Truth Is Out There . . . . . .

The A.S.P. Troopers - Nato's Finest

The world "officially ended" on May 1, 1983 - I say ended, it didn't blow up or anything - it went with a growl and a whimper, not a bang.

The first "wild" Dinosaurs attacked a small township outside of Sand Francisco - Tiburon, a Small bayside town a little further north of the City - it was attacked by a group of Megaraptor's, which was odd simply from the perspective that according to Uni-Tech Scientists no Megaraptor's had been cloned/created - as they were thought to be too dangerous.

Still, the creatures were found and destroyed (much to the irritation of Uni-Tech) - then mere days later, another attack took place at the main enclosure just outside Las Vegas (where one of the main parks was set to be located) - a Tyrannosaurus Rex, accompanied by an Oviraptor, and infant T-Rex, and half a dozen Utah Raptors broke through the electrified fence, the Utah Raptors systematically targeted certain areas of the fencing - the forced the Oviraptor against one specific area till it shorted out. People who saw the attack said it was weird, that the adult Tyrannosaur seemed to be "guiding" the rest - when they took the fencing down, the Carnivores - as a group, rather than attacking and eating the Herbivores in the enclosure, they herded them back through the gap - and into the desert.

As a result of these "unusual" attacks (and many more, way too many to list here) the A.S.P. Apocalypse Security Personnel) section of NATO was formed - their mandate was simple, seek and destroy these "new threats" as and when they appear. The A.S.P. Unit was recruited from those usually abandoned by the Military, those injured during active duty - but thanks to the advances by Blackwood Industries in the field of Cybernetics formally crippled veterans were 're-built' and enhanced - returning to active duty.

The newly setup task force is headed up by Captain Simon Gilmoor OF-5, formally of the British RAF and was allowed to keep his rank title upon his insistence and initial rejection of the transfer. He was offered the post after successfully defending the HMS Seasprite when it was docked at Portsmouth and was attacked by a number of Rhomaleosaurus.

It's a matter of fact the brave Veterans of A.S.P. form the very core of Earths defense against explainable threats and the Dinosaur menace itself.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fairfax & Nexus

As head of British Military Intelligence, the Woman known only as Fairfax was as high up as you could get. Her job was complex and tasking as you could imagine, and so difficult emotionally most men simply couldn't handle it.

Let me explain, not only does she run British Intelligence - which in itself is mind bogglingly complex, she has to regularly send men on missions he knows will end badly. But she has no choice, if she didn't do it, some other poor bastard would have to - and they might crack under the strain.

It's been even more difficult since the 80's when the world changed - and not for the better. Back in those days she was an Officer in the British Navy, and saw a lot of action during the early Dinosaur Attacks. In the last thirty years we've seen Dinosaurs rampaging through the streets, when the disaster hit - a large chunk of greater London was lost. Beckenham, Romford, and Croydon were lost - sealed off from the rest of the City, those districts are now overgrown with strange plant life - and are like some huge prehistoric safari park. The Dinosaurs stay close to the Cities, they like the smells and the noise. The Gun emplacements and electrified netting keep most at bay, there are very few D.I's (Dinosaur Incursions) nowadays. The Carrion are less of a problem, mostly wandering around the north of England, and the colder weather slows them down considerably - at least we don't have to worry about the Giaour here in England, such roving clans of Cannibals have only been encountered in Scotland and Ireland - very rare compared to the rest of the world.

You would think in this day and age, there would be no need for Military Intelligence - but the fractures in the Political relationships between the surviving nations are even more apparent. Korea is desperate for American DNA and Military technology, Red China want's the UK's food synthesis processes, and Russia is just after ever other Nations edge as their territories include Siberia - and they've got all sorts of problems there.

Every Nation in the world has gone out of its way to recruit Primes into Service - Russia in particular has more Prime Operatives than anyone else, America has a whole Department dedicated to just that. But we have something better, not just regular F.O.N. Operatives - we have Jacob Nexus, the worlds first Prime.

Exposed to the "Re-Birth" process way back in 1964, Jacob was changed forever - like the Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish he can (by all accounts) never actually die, he heals rapidly any injury short of a terminal one. Even when he is "killed" he goes into a semi-dormant state for a period of up to 24 hours (often much shorter) and awakes completely repaired, there is a side effect though - sometimes, when the damage is so severe as to disfigure him, he wakes up with a new face. This has proven a boon to his secret work, as periodically he is a "new man" - although it's been noted his personality pretty much stays the same to a greater or lesser degree each time.

Nexus was a boon to British Intelligence and the world in general, he certainty made Fairfax' life easier.

Jacob had walked into Fairfax' Office with his usual mix of arrogance and charm, whatever she had in mind for his next mission - he knew it was going to be dangerous, that was the only kind of mission he got these days.

"M'am" he uttered, in that deep smooth toned voice of his - "You called". Jacob smirked, the sort of little smile you give when you're trying to be flirtatious.

Fairfax glowered at him, the sort of look you only see coming from angry teachers or disappointed parents - "You can cut that crap with me Agent Nexus, I am immune" she looked down at the paperwork on her desk, "I have no time for misogynistic cave-men like you".

"An oddly inappropriate thing to say considering the current state of the World, wouldn't you say" - Jacob felt smug, VERY smug. It's not that often someone gets to be 'one up' on old Fairfax.

"It was meant as an insult as you well know - your kind Agent Nexus are not, unfortunately, extinct. Neither are your Dinosaur cousins". Fairfax didn't even look up from her reading as that barb found its target.

"Touche" Jacob casually took a pack of cigarettes and a lighter out of his pocket as he responded.

"Please smoke elsewhere, you might be immortal and not have to worry about Cancer - but the rest of us are not afforded that luxury", Fairfax finally looked up at him as be put his cigarettes away. "This mission, though typically dangerous - is a fairly straight forward one" - Her matter of factness never failed to surprise Jacob, "There's trouble in Siberia, I know, I know - there's always Trouble in Siberia".

"So, whats the mission - extraction, sabotage, assassination" Jacobs matter of factness about his work even managed to surprise Fairfax "Sorry to be blunt, but your tone implied this was urgent".

"A group of Russian dissidents are attempting to replicate Uni-Techs Re-Birth technology - if they are successful, it might give them the ability to create Primes deliberately - rather than by accident" Fairfax' tone did indeed sound urgent, VERY urgent "Your mission is a relatively simple one, break into the facility - steal the research and destroy the place".

"Sounds straightforward enough" Jacobs tone betrayed him a little, it was obvious that Fairfax had more to tell.

"The problem is, if you pardon the pun, its a bit of a 'hot zone' for Morlock and Dinosaur activity - the facility is walled off, has laser security, and guards - those I know are no real challenge to you" Fairfax attempted a smile, she failed "But with Carnosaurs wandering about, and the only way to the facility without being detected is through caves infested with degenerates - I can see this actually being a problem" Her concern for Jacob Nexus was obvious at this point, she didn't want him to die . . . again . . . . 

Monday, 4 May 2015

The Colt Brothers - Freelance Dino-Hunters

It had been weeks now, neither Jared nor Jensen knew how many, since they had started tracking this particular "Mutt".

The freak in question had murdered a family of postulants waiting outside the walls of Chicago.

The tracking had been rough, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks leaving the Colt brothers far from civilization, and deep in the barrens.

They had tracked its movements to an abandoned house quite literally in the middle of nowhere. The remains of its long dead inhabitants were strewn about - the last remaining shreds of flesh left on the shattered bones dried and mummified by the elements, till they looked like brittle leather.

"Man I'm hungry" whispered Jensen looking up from the remains, "when we're done here I've gotta get me some pie", Jensen was smiling – it was obvious his love of Pie was deep and true.

“Dude - is eating and tail all you think about", Jared sounded like a parent - even though he was younger than his Brother.

"I'd drive a hundred miles or more for a good piece of pie", Jensen was grinning like an idiot now, "Even further for a good woman".

Jensen winked - Jared rolled his eyes in exasperation!

"Shhh", Jensen demeanour suddenly turned very serious - Jared knew that meant he had heard or sensed something. "Round the side of the barn", suddenly Jensen’s expression was deadly serious and his eyes were wide.

"You go round to the left, I'll take point", Jensen indicated where he wanted Jared to go. Even though Jensen could be boorish sometimes - when it came down to it, Jared trusted his brother implicitly.

The noise was louder now, something was chewing, and tearing at living flesh - and the poor thing being eaten was gurgling and grunting.

Jensen raised his hand and looked at his brother some feet away, "Three, Two, One . . . . ", and they sped around to the back of the barn almost perfectly in sync.

It was not the Mutt they were tracking, but half a dozen Procompsognathus picking and tearing at the flesh of some poor animal that was still twitching a frothing at the mouth.

The Procompsognathus immediately raised their heads, moving almost like birds, bobbing their heads back and forth - the twitchingly advanced towards Jensen.

"Awww Crap", Jensen rolled his eyes in frustration, "this is going to be tricky" . . . . . .