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Bloggers will Blog!

Bloggers will Blog! 

A start on some Nexus Miniatures by a fellow gamer and blogger!


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Community Pictures of Painted Nexus Miniatures!

As some of you might know, the free rules "S.D.Z.A. Basic" are coming soon-ish - and I thought it might be nice to have pictures of community painted miniatures included in the Download and on the new Website when its finished.

I've had some responses, but there's always room for more - so forward your pictures to nexus-miniatures@outlook.com (as high a resolution as you can manage please) for consideration for inclusion (don't forget your name etc, so I can give you full credit).

Also, don't forget - you can still get 15% off Orders till the new Website is up and running (be fast, this won't last forever) either by Emailing me and doing a manual order (Details are on the official Nexus Miniatures Page - https://www.facebook.com/nexus.miniatures and the 'Store' section of the current website - http://www.nexus-miniatures.co.uk/home).

If you want to know more about the background for my little world, there's loads of information and fiction here on the blog too!

So - Get those pictures Rolling in!!!!!!!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Current Website Update!

The Current Website has been updated, with all the details of current offers on the range - new pictures, and even an Ebay Button! (please note the current discount applies only to direct sales - not Ebay sales, please email me at nexus-miniatures@outlook.com for more details and to place a direct order)


The Grand Illusion - Episode III

Movement is factored by base size - I know that seems weird, but it’s that way for a reason. People like to base miniatures in different ways. My style is different to my friend Simon Quinton, who bases differently to my other mate Tony Yates.

Even though basing and movement are tied in together, it’s done in such a way that basing is a "range" of sizes - so actual basing has no real effect on the rules or game play – although it is recommended that all the players in a group base their S.D.Z.A. miniatures in the same way, as it can affect line of sight and cover. So it’s better if everyone is on the same footing.

By Base Size – up to 30mm Base – 2” Basic Move Small and Medium Miniatures – Human Sized or Smaller (Men, Raptors, Morlocks, Carrion and the like), smaller Dinosaurs such as Velociraptors.

By Base Size – up to 40mm Base – 3” Basic Move Medium Large sized Miniatures – Ogre Sized Mutants, Tigers and other Big Cats, Ranger Bikes, Utah-Raptors and other Deinonychus sized Dinosaurs.       

By Base Size – up to 50mm Base – 4” Basic Move Large Sized Miniatures – Mechs and Walkers, Dinosaurs such as the Parasaurolophus and the Ceratosaurus.
By Base Size – up to 60mm Base – 5” Basic Move Bigger Sized animals such as - Adolescent Dinosaurs, and Larger Carnivores such as the Allosaurus.

By Base Size – up to 80mm Base – 6” Basic Move The bigger Carnivores and Herbivores - Tyranosaurs, Tricerotops, Styracosaurus etc., Smaller Vehicles (Land Rovers etc.)

By Base Size – anything bigger than an 80mm Base – 8” Basic Move Everything Else - Spinosaurus, Brontosaurus, etc - When a Model or Miniature is too big to be based - its base size is considered to be the LONGEST EDGE in MM.

Vigour - how much do things cost

It "depends" is the actual answer, but lets look at some individual Vg point costs.

The cost of any given action, is on the S.D.Z.A. Actions Table – note, as specified in Episode I of the Grand Illusion these actions may be performed in any order – however an exception to this is when a Miniature is locked in close combat it may NOT fire a weapon.

Movement Actions generally cost 1 Vg point to move your "basic move", meaning faster/larger creatures cover ground really fast (watch out for Raptors and Primes with the Speed Power Trait).

Attacking in Close Combat with a Weapon is dependent on Base Size - to the Base Size Cost, the Weapon Grade is generally added to the Vg Point cost to attack.

Attacking in Close Combat 'unarmed' has a higher base cost, generally 1 point more than the Base Cost when using a Weapon - but the Grade of the Attack is not "added in" so it is cheaper.

The way the system works is that bigger creatures generally have fewer attacks but do a lot more damage per attack - representing the fact they are generally slower, but more powerful.

Shooting weapons Vg Points cost is factored in, so you only ever pay the "Grade" of the attack.

Active Traits - such as Prime (Super) Powers have specific Vg Point costs attached to them.

The R.R.T. (Retro Resistance Table)

Old School RPG'ers and Wargamers will find this familiar - a good old fashioned resistance table. As I mentioned in Episode I - all Tasks are resolved with a 2D6 Roll.

 Completing an Action is referred to as a "test" - tests are initiated by a player when activating one of their Miniatures, in which case they pay the Vg Points cost to attempt the action - these points are expended whether the action is successful or not. 

Once the controlling player has declared the action and spent the Vg points - look up the two opposing Numbers on the resistance table (see below) – and the number that tells you what the controlling player needs to roll (equal to or more) on 2D6 in order to successfully complete the action.  If you roll lower than the Target Number - the Action Fails, and even in the Event of a Failed Action - the Vg Points are still spent.

Combat & the R.R.T.

When making a Close Combat Attack - Cross reference the attackers & defenders Alacrity on the Resistance Table. If the defender is prone, the attackers Alacrity is considered 2 points higher.

Roll 2D6 vs. the number generated by the Resistance Table.

Simples really.

Ranged combat follows a similar pattern - Choose your Attack type, and spend your Vigour Points to attempt an attack.

Cross reference the attackers & defenders Alacrity on the Resistance Table. If you are within 12” and shooting at a prone miniature, your Alacrity is considered 2 points higher. If you are over 12” and shooting at a prone miniature, the miniature is considered to be in cover.

Roll 2D6 vs. the number generated by the Resistance Table.

If some of the Miniatures body being fired upon is behind cover (arms, legs, and heads don’t count) and it is mounted on a Base sized 40mm or smaller, then it is considered to be in cover there’s a +2 Penalty to the Target Number.

It's also important to note that Large Miniatures – those based on 50mm or larger bases may never claim cover - they are too big/slow/cumbersome to do so.

There’s a little more detail to shooting - but I shan't go into excessive detail in the Grand Illusion, as it’s meant to be a "taste" rather than the actual ruleset.

In the next Grand Illusion - Traits, what the cover and what they don’t!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Grand Illusion - Episode II

Yesterday I discussed how Vigour is used for both 'hit points' (for want of a better term) and action
points, and also covered how damage affects a models ability to perform actions as they get damaged - and therefore have fewer points to spend on actions as they get weaker (except for a few exceptions like Heroes and thick-skinned Dinosaurs).

Today we will take a look at Actions and Activations.


S.D.Z.A. is a game of alternating activation - at the start of each turn, both players roll for First Position, this is a 1D6 roll vs your Opponents 1D6 Roll - the winner (known as the First Position in the rules) activates a Miniature first; moving, shooting, attacking etc. – when the First Position has finished the turn is passed over, and the Second Position Player then activates a Miniature; moving, shooting, attacking etc. – and the turn passes back to the First Position Player.

This process is repeated again and again, passing the turn back and forth – activating and reacting till all Miniatures and Units on both sides have spent their Vg points and neither Player can make any further moves/actions.

When this happens, a new Turn Begins – and both players once again roll for First Position.

This is repeated for the requisite number of Turns (a standard non-scenario game is 1D3+5 Turns) when that turn limit is reached – the game ends, and O.P’s (Obliteration Points in non-scenario games and Objective Points in scenario based games) are calculated to determine the winner.

If one player finishes his allowable activations whilst the other still has miniatures left unactivated - the player with activations left has a choice to make.

He can either take advantage now, activating all his miniatures one at a time till all his miniatures have seen action in some way for that turn. OR he may choose ONE of the Miniatures left to be activated and may start that Miniature in "Overwatch" at the start of his next turn - the Miniature declared in Overwatch must be clearly marked with an overwatch counter, BEFORE First position is rolled for.

This CAN be forced by 'Passing Over' a miniature and declining to activate it, but (of course) you then run the risk of that Model being seriously injured (or even killed) before the next turn has even begun!

Overwatch has already been alluded too in the previous section (and will be covered in a little more detail below) - but what about other actions?

Other than using active Traits (there are two types of Trait - Active Traits which you have to 'use' during play, either by spending Vg points or making a roll - sometimes both. Passive Traits, that have no cost and are always 'on) - there are plenty of options for your Miniatures when activated.

Before we go into Actions properly, we need to look at Rolling Dice in S.D.Z.A.

S.D.Z.A. uses a full range of dice - D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, & D20 - D100 (or percentile dice) are rarely used - only for random events and campaign use, so I'm going to ignore them for now.

Weapons are broken down into Damage Grades, and each Grade increases the Damage step. A Weapons Grade is also the number of Vg points it costs to use that Weapon as part of a Miniatures Activation.

•             Grade 0 – D3 Damage
•             Grade 1 - D4 Damage
•             Grade 2 - D6 Damage
•             Grade 3 - D8 Damage
•             Grade 4 - D10 Damage
•             Grade 5 - D12 Damage
•             Grade 6 - D20 Damage

Grade 6 / D20 Damage is as high as you can go, but Damage in close combat is also Modified for High Physique vs Low Physique (which I will go into more detail for the next Grand Illusion).

When dodging, using Stats or Traits - making ALL kinds of tests, or rolling to hit with any type of Weapon – 2D6 is used, with target numbers being generated by a resistance table.

When rolling to hit with a Firearm – a roll of 2 or 12 might mean the Weapon is out of Ammunition, or Jammed in some way – and needs to be reloaded or cleared (see Clear Jam or Reload later on).

If a 2 or 12 is rolled – roll a further D6, if the D6 roll is equal or lower than the Weapon Grade – it has indeed either run out of ammunition or suffered a malfunction in some way and it needs to be dealt with.

OK, now we have those basics explained - onto Actions.


When a Miniature is activated, it may move, make attacks (via weapons or traits) or can be placed in Overwatch.

An Individual or Unit may perform its actions in any order providing they have enough Vg points to spend –

Move – Fire a Weapon – Then Move Again

Fire a Weapon – Then Move – Then Fire Again

Fire a Weapon – Then Move into Base to Base – Initiate Close Combat

Each action must be resolved fully before the Miniature spends any remaining Vg Points on further actions. Miniatures are ONLY limited in what it can or cannot do by the number of Vg Points it has to expend at any point during the game – this is an important concept dont forget, as Vigour is also the measure of a Miniatures ability to take Damage.

Other Actions

Blocking or Parrying
Any miniature armed with a Sword, Staff, or a Rifle – may attempt to block or parry an armed close combat attack – IF they have Vg Points left to spend. They may do this as many times as they wish, but it costs 1 Point each time they attempt it – even if they fail.

Dinosaur’s may not Parry or Block, and non-dinosaurs may not Parry or Block the Attacks of Dinosaurs that are more than twice their height on the table – due to the size and weight of such an attack.

Leave/Withdraw from Close Combat     
If you are still standing, and have Vg Points left to spend – you may attempt to Leave/Withdraw from Close Combat.

This may be attempted even with Miniatures bigger than you, but then there is a cost in Vg to do so (its free vs Miniatures of the same size or smaller).

Take an Aimed Shot
You may only take an Aimed shot during regular activation, not during Overwatch and it costs extra Vg to do so.

Declaring Overwatch has to be a miniatures first action, it cannot move – and then declare it afterwards – Overwatch must be its first action. Only one miniature can be declared as being on Overwatch each side per turn.

Once Overwatch is declared, the miniature is marked with an Overwatch Token – and any further actions are suspended until it activates. This activation can take place at any time – even interrupting another miniatures activation, providing that miniature is ACTVATED within 8” and can be seen by the miniature that was placed in Overwatch

If a miniatures Actions take it within 8” of a miniature placed in Overwatch, and can be seen - the Miniature in Overwatch still activates, but the Miniature whos Actions 'triggered' the Overwatch response gets to finish its activation uninterrupted.

Overwatch is declared, and the Activated Miniature spends Vigour Points and performs Actions as Normal - but please note, a miniature performing its Actions as part of an Overwatch Activation CAN NOT be interrupted by an enemy miniature that’s also been placed on Overwatch (phew).

Clear Jam or Reload       
When rolling to hit with a Firearm – a roll of 2 or 12 might mean the Weapon is out of Ammunition, or Jammed in some way – and needs to be reloaded or cleared (see Clear Jam or Reload later on).

If a 2 or 12 is rolled – roll a further D6, if the D6 roll is equal or lower than the Weapon Grade – it has indeed either run out of ammunition or suffered a malfunction in some way and it needs to be dealt with.

Lifting or Throwing Objects
When lifting or throwing, use the resistance table (which will be covered in the next Grand Illusion)
– you may only attempt to do this once per activation, if you fail you fail - but may try again later.

Passing Over
You may choose Passing Over as a Miniatures activation, it must be its first action, it cannot move – and then declare it afterwards – Passing Over must be its first action. Only one miniature can be declared as being Passing Over each side per turn.

Morale Tests
In S.D.Z.A. Basic, Factions fight till a scenario ends – even when run down to the last man. HOWEVER there are certain Morale Tests that need to be made generally vs. Carrion Fear and Dino-Terror.

Knocked Down/Lying Down/Toppled
There are situations that result in Miniatures being placed on their side (for whatever reason -Knocked Down, Lying Down because of Regeneration, or Toppled by a Sonic Weapon) must then stand up.

Miniatures that are Uninjured, Heroic, or Inorganic may stand up for free.

Models that are injured must take a test of Physique vs a Difficulty of 8, if they pass they may stand up for free. If they fail, it costs 1 Vg point to stand up.

OK, that’s MORE than enough information for today I think - I know it seems a lot, but it plays really quickly honest LoL!

In the Next "The Grand Illusion" - Vg (Vigour Costs), Movement and Base Size, and the RRT (Retro Resistance Table)


Painting MDF Buildings Quickly

I've been asked A LOT (as recently as today LoL) how I painted my sarissa buildings, whilst my technique isn't the most detailed - its very fast. 

I use car sprays, as they are thinner (yes, even gloss ones) - all this was done before assembly.

Undercoat black, doesn't have to be thick - just so its coated. MDF soaks paint up, so you need to seal it. Leave it do dry thoroughly.

Over spray, from what will be the top your brickwork colour.

Spray the window/door inserts your wood work colour, the same can be done with window frames (if you want them a different colour) or glue them on first (if you want them the same colour).

Spray the "level splitting" brickwork a different (complementary works best, contrasting colours are too striking) colour - you can also sponge or stipple the colour on, to create a more textured effect.

Stipple the corner bricks, this is an optional stage - but makes some buildings look older than others in style. Likewise, with old west Buildings and victorian buildings different areas have different looks (some areas are meant to be wood, or large brickwork) I recommend masking off and spraying different colours.

Spray the sidewalk/Walkway a different colour (usually better to have all your buildings match).

Use a wash to pick out various slabs on the sidewalk, to give variety (I used slightly thinned Army painter Dark Tone) - on western buildings with walkways, drybrush greys in strategic places to represent the aging of the wood.

All the above steps are quick and easy to do before assembly - when its all dry, assemble and glue together.

When its dry and settled - you can add extra elements you might want - weathering, debris, graffiti etc (mine in the picture has had none of that done yet, I plan on doing all of mine together) or you can leave them "as is" because they look pretty cool anyway.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Grand Illusion - Episode I

OK, I'm going to start a regular series of Articles today called "The Grand Illusion" - just to give people an idea of where I am going with the Rules.

Super-Hero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse ISN'T just another Skirmish Wargame, its a little more than that. 

Its a hybrid.

What do I mean - well we've had a trend recently for hybrid Boardgame/Wargame style rule-sets, I wanted something different - something that played reasonably fast, but had a little more flavour to it (as my play-testers will tell you).

S.D.Z.A. is a hybrid role-playing game/miniatures game (in fact in the full rules there will be a skill/experience system for you to play it as a full RPG - as well as a 'fast play' mass battle section).

Like any RPG/Wargame, the first port of call is Attributes or Statistics. I opted for Statistics (shortened to Stats)

The Stats (Statistics) of a Miniature determine its usefulness in games of S.D.Z.A, and represent a Miniatures general strengths and weaknesses. In addition to these Stats, each Miniature has Traits either specific to it or to its Species (for example Human, Zombie, Dinosaur, Dino-Mutant etc.) - and possibly additional traits purchased during profile creation or earned during campaign play.   

A Miniature's Stats generally range from 2-12 – your Average Regular Human will have Stats in the 3-4 range, a Tough Human 6 or even higher – your bigger Dinosaurs, such as Spinosaurus or Diplodocus will have Stats as high as 16. The higher the Stat, the more powerful/strong that particular Stat is with regards to that Miniature. 

There are four Stats Vigour (Vg), Physique (Pq), Alacrity (Ay), and Backbone (Bk) – these are broad categories that represent health, toughness, and the mental fortitude of a Miniature. 

Today I am focusing on Vg (Vigour) as it has the most impact on the game.

Vigour (Vg) 
Vigour not only determines what a Miniature can do during a turn, as it is also a Miniatures Action Points – these points are spent whenever a Miniature is Activated to perform Actions. They are also the number of points of damage a Miniature can take before dying - so as a Miniature becomes Injured it’s Vigour score goes down, so it also becomes less capable of performing Tasks during a game.

During one of the early Test games, one of the people 'experimented' on (a Games Workshop staff member) was utterly confused by the S.D.Z.A. Actions/Damage system because it was too simple, and yet it worked. Theres no need for a table of modifiers for injuries because it is built into the rules.

The only thing to remember is certain Models (Heroes - those with the 'Heroic' trait, thick-skinned larger Dinosaurs, and Inorganics - Robots and other Machines) are ALWAYS counted as having their Maximum Vigour at the start of their Activation, even if they had been injured.

To clarify, an example - 

Sgt Brummie has been bitten by a Velociraptor, and taken 3 points of Damage to his Vigour Stat (which has a starting value of 10) when he next activates, as he has taken 3 points of Damage – he only has 7 Vg Points to spend on Actions. 

If Sgt Brummie had the Heroic Trait, even though he had taken 3 points of Damage from a Dino-Bite – he would be able to use his Maximum of 10 Vg Points to spend on actions, only referring to his reduced Vigour Score for determining how much more damage he could take.

As I mentioned before, some people found this abstract damage system confusing - even though its straightforward during play. So I came up with an example injury chart - to put what being damaged means in games of S.D.Z.A. (there is naturally some confusion among gamers who are used to “bang your dead” rules systems or modifiers for being injured).

So here are some examples as to what the Vigour Points Injury System means in physical terms - 

Full (100%) Original Vigour Score = Uninjured and Ready to go. 

3/4 (75%) Original Vigour Score = "Tis’ But A Scratch” - Hurt in such a way that they are hampered in some way, but not so much as they are incapable of any action.

1/2 (50%) Original Vigour Score = “School of Hard Knocks” - Injured in such a way its making it hard to do multiple things in a turn. Generally they can move, or shoot, or fight – they don’t have enough Vigour Points left to do it all.

1/4 (25%) Original Vigour Score = “The End is Nigh” - The Model is seriously injured, they need medical attention to do anything more than just crawl or maybe fire a weapon in a last desperate attempt at survival.

Zero (0%) Original Vigour Score = “Knockin’ on Heavens Door” - The Model is out of the game. It is, for all intents and purposes ‘Dead’ and should be removed from play (and replaced with a Corpse Marker etc for dramatic effect if you so wish). Bigger models like Dinosaurs, Sentry’s, M.A.T.A.T.s, or Prometheans should either be lain down or have a Special Template placed to mark where they fell, as they count as Terrain Now for movement and shooting.

And don’t forget, certain Traits allow for a model to always be played as being at their Maximum Vigour Score – this doesn’t mean they aren’t hurt, it just means they are Tough (or Heroic) enough to ignore it.

Next Up on The Grand Illusion - Actions and Activation's.

Nexus on Ebay

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"I'm to old for this s**t"

JUST finished playing a game of S.D.Z.A. (I kid you not), we finished the first game around 1am - enjoyed it so much we had a Pizza (Frozen unfortunately) and set up for another game!

"Help Me Obi-Wan Community, You're My Only Hope . . . . "

OK, heres a shout out for help 

Anyone who has purchased any of the Nexus Miniatures range - do you have pictures of your painted Miniatures? 

If so, could you send them to me at nexus-miniatures@outlook.com along with your details - I want a section in the rulebook of community painted miniatures, you will get credit for your work of course. 

Many Thanks - Drew 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Praise Indeed

People are always willing to complain, but rarely send a message of praise - I got this today (along with another order request from him)

"I am very happy  with the last order, the miniatures are great, and my gold and chrome silver paints are getting a hammering, thanks so much for producing such  great miniatures, brings back a lot of childhood memories of the original T.V. series back in the day when there was not much sci-fi on T.V. My mates will get a great kick out of these the next time we play any sci-fi games and these make an appearance on the table"

Mark Cunningham from Australia

The Caprican squad deal (along with other selected items from the range) is now available through Ebay - 

Nexus Miniatures - Caprican Legion - Not Cylons - 28mm Retro Sci-Fi Miniatures

Sunday, 2 August 2015


Still awaiting the re-stocks of the remaining Limited Edition run of the Cobra Skimmers - hopefully they will be available around the time the Webstore is up and finished.

Manual Orders are still being done Currently (and still at 15% off and with a chance of winning one of the Limited Edition Cobra Skimmers) so if you need to bulk up your collection (hopefully ready for the free S.D.Z.A. Rules release) don't leave it too long - as we're getting close with the new Webstore now.

A quick "heads up" too, Shipping will be going up a little - lately the larger orders have mean either the shipping costing (a lot) more than my Rates, or me having to send them insured - rather than charge by order size (which is actually a rip off anyway) when the Webstore (FINALLY) opens these new shipping rates will apply (which are still really competitive though)

UK - £2.00
E.U. - £4.25
Rest of the World - £7.20

For all Manual orders till the new Webstore Opens, the original Shipping Charges remain in place.

As usual, if you are unsure and need help, please feel free to contact me at either of my Emails (the nexus-miniatures@outlook.com comes straight to my phone).

To place an order either contact me through here or Email at Nexus Miniatures (varian@nexus-miniatures.co.uk or nexus-miniatures@outlook.com) - or check out the Website at http://www.nexus-miniatures.co.uk/home

Metal Miniatures

Our Metal Miniatures are cast in white metal, and require cleaning with a knife or file - and in some cases assembly, we use Super-Glue. Due to the nature of the miniatures production material, and small parts, sometimes with sharp edges - we do not recommend them for Hobbyists under the age of 16.

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NXDS03 - 'Sentry Sentinels' Deal £27.00 (2 x NXS01 - Mark I Blackwood Industries Sentry Unit)
NXDS04 - 'M.A.T.A.T. Mob' Deal £23.00 (2 x NXS02 - Apocalypse Security Personell M.A.T.A.T.)
NXDS05 - 'Uni-Tech Patrol' Deal £20.00 (NX08 x 1 + NX09a x 2 + NX09b x 2 + NX09c x 2)
NXDS06 - 'By Your Command' Deal £16.00 (NX23 x 2 plus 1 Weapon Sprue + NX24 x 2 + NX25 x 2)
NXDS07 - 'Morlock Madness' Deal £15.00 (NX29 x 2 + NX30 x 2 + NX31 x 2) 

Shipping (Fixed Rate, Extra Insurance or Expedited Shipping Upon Request) -

UK - £1.80
E.U. - £3.80
Rest of the World - £6.50