Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Initiative Defense Directorate

The I.D.D. (Initiative Defense Directorate) Troopers are a familiar sight in the Worlds Hot Spots - whether acting as Support for the Primes of the Initiative, or as support for local City Defense Forces I.D.D. Troopers are always on hand to help.

Sculpted by the extremely talented Carl Stoelzel, the I.D.D. Troopers and I.D.D. Command will be the next "Unlock" (should we get there LoL)

The Morrow Men are now Unlocked and up for Advance-Order (https://nexus-miniatures.ecwid.com/#!/The-Morrow-Men/p/72133162/category=15426785) so now is the perfect time to enter into our "Nominate a Friend" Competition ;-) - find the information here https://nexus-miniatures.ecwid.com/#

Monday, 26 September 2016



The Morrow Men!

4 gifted young people turned Adventurers, sent back in time by Professor Carl Morrow to help the (by then missing) Future Force.

'The Morrow Men' Nicholas, Sammie, Peter, and Liz - perfect for Retro Science Fiction, Spy-Fi, & Cult-TV Gaming.

Pre-Order Price £16.50! (RRP £19.00).

Sculpted by the Great Carl Stoelzel!


(Now its even a better time to enter into our "Nominate a Friend" Competition ;-) - find the information here https://nexus-miniatures.ecwid.com/#)

Raygun Rayborn and the Robot Rampage!

Some Nexus Miniatures made an appearance at the Hurricon 2016 convention in Orlando, FL!

As part of the "Raygun Rayborn and the Robot Rampage" 


Thanks to Alex Paul for the Pictures!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Strangers, The Prophet, and the Demon Gorgon.

The Strangers, The Prophet, and the Demon Gorgon.

The Prophets idea was a simple one, to create a weapon - a Deadling of such power that it could be released to destroy his enemies whenever the whim took him.

Unfortunately, the Multiverse is a fickle place - and on our Earth Uni-Tech had the same idea. They had taken the child of two Rogue Primes and "altered" her DNA making her the most powerful Scanner on the planet, she could not only control peoples minds she could alter the molecular structure of their bodies - phasing them out of this reality, or obliterating them completely.

The Demon "Gorgon" (as the Prophet called it) was the genetic mirror of Elle, the child Uni-Tech were experimenting upon - this of course was not known, until that fateful night when the Prophet Ported onto our World bringing the Demon Gorgon with him.

As they stepped out the crackling green portal - the Demon Gorgon almost seemed to sniff the air, paused, then stormed off into the night.

It wasn't till the boys (Finn, Caleb, and Mat) stumbled upon the Uni-Tech research facility where Elle was being held and rescued her that they encountered the Demon Gorgon and the -link between Elle and the Beast became an obvious danger.

Available now for pre-order - https://nexus-miniatures.ecwid.com/#!/The-Strangers-plus-their-Arch-Enemy-the-Demon-Gorgon/p/70918811/category=15426785 - as part of the Current Retro-Booster!

And they are the perfect price to enter into our "Nominate a Friend" Competition ;-) https://nexus-miniatures.ecwid.com/#

Saturday, 24 September 2016



Just one week and one day till the end of this Retro-Booster, and I have to say its been a pretty popular!

But lets see if we can "unlock" anything else new shall we - the Morrow Men are Waiting in the Wings, as are a few More Surprises ;) IF we get there!




As you know, theres a wide range of great new sculpts from Carl Stoelzel up for pre-order - but the rest of the range is pretty impressive too (or so I've been told) - so why not "add-on" something else sexy from the D-Rangers to Sculder and Mulley or the The Seraphis Institute Field Operatives to the Initiative Army Deal theres quite a bit of choice!






As an extra incentive to get those Morrow Men Unlocked - A "Nominate a Friend" COMPETITION!

Get your mates to place an order and mention your name in the Order Comments Box at checkout, the person who gets the most Nominations will win their ENTIRE Booster Order For Free! How Cool Is That!

And, as a FURTHER "Boost" (see what I did there) one of the Customers who Nominates a Friend will be chosen at Random and THEY will win THEIR Order for Free Too!

So tell your Gaming Club Mates, your Facebook Buddies, and Forum Friends all about Nexus Miniatures and the Retro-Booster and SPREAD THE WORD (and maybe get some sexy toys for free).


To take part you must place an order for at least £20 before shipping (easy to do to be frank)

You can only Nominate one friend ONCE (so if you do 3 £20 orders and nominate "John Doe" each time, it only counts as one Nomination).

The "Nominated" Winner will win ALL his Retro-Booster Orders for free, and any payments will be refunded within one calendar Month of that Winners Name Being announced.

One of the Nominating Customers Names will be chosen, at random, and they will win their order (or orders) for Free Too, and any payments will be refunded within one calendar Month of that Winners Name Being announced.

All Winners Names are Final, no Negotiations will be entered into or acknowledged, and no Alternative Prizes Will be Offered.



Sunday, 18 September 2016

Midway Upgrade Boost!

Midway Upgrade Boost!

All Equitum Troopers of the Machine Empire sets ordered during the Retro-Booster Promotion (INCLUDING those already ordered) will now not only include the Sub-Commander Head Sprue, but will NOW also include a Machine Empire Rifle Sprue - MAKING THEM EVEN BETTER Value!

This alt head sprue is great for adding variety to your squads of Equitum Troopers, and the Rifle sprue is great for conversions - adding character to the Unarmed Equitum Trooper, or for use in Terrain Projects!

The Booster Ends at the end of September (Sunday the 2nd of October to be precise - and non of the pre-order items will "re-appear" in the Webstore till the pre-orders are shipped!

Friday, 9 September 2016


As I said, a very generous supporters order took us over the top - AND LOOK WHAT IS UNLOCKED!


When the Machine God decided to use all his might to ensure his Dystopian Future was safe by "tampering" with the Time Line, the Future Initiative (the Super-Powered Guardians of Mankind) assembled a special force, who travelled back in Time using their Time-Glider to keep the future from descending into a Machine Ruled Hell.

Marcus, Doc, Rani, Popinjay, and Chunk ARE "Future Force" - Five young adults with the powers, training, and technology to keep the future from happening - "Saving the Future, From Itself"!

Pre-Order Price £20.00! (RRP £22.50).


Sub-Finem & Imperatorem - Machine Empire Commanders

The Machine Empire uses many Human Minions, all are turncoats on their kind and Work for the betterment of the Machine God and bend all to his will.

Two Such Minions are the Sub-Finem and the Imperatorem.

The Sub-Finem are Unit Commanders, generally in charge of no more than a Dozen Men. The Imperatorem are the "Generals" (for want of a better term) and can lead anything from a small Skirmish Force, to a large army of "Equitum" Troopers.

Pre-Order Price £8.25! (RRP £9.50).


Equitum Troopers of the Machine Empire

The Equitum Troops of the Villainous Machine Empire hail from the far future in the S.D.Z.A. Universe, and the Machine God of the Empire (in typical movie trope fashion) has started sending its expendible Human Troops back in time to ensure the Machine Empires Future is safe (assuming the heroes of the "Future Force" don't stop them).

These Models are created using the "EZ-Build" system, rather than separate arms and weapons (which, lets face it are a pain to assemble at 28mm scale - especially in metal) we opted for separate torsos, legs, and heads only. It still gives a large amount of variation for each model with rotation and the fact different torsos can be used on different legs - but isn't a pain in the ass to do (like when the arm sticks to your fingers rather than the model LoL).

Pre-Order Price £17.50! (RRP £20.00)


All Brilliantly Sculpted by Carl Stoelzel!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Midway Boost Number Two - Red Sector Cleanup Crew II

Comprising of Barry's Holographic Aunt Petunia, and the N.O.R.M. Unit.

You know its going to be a bad day at Work, when your Holographic Aunty is sent to help you and she brings your childhood favourite penguin puppet to "cheer you up".

The Red Sector Crew do the most dangerous and hazardous jobs in the SDZA Universe, but when it gets too dangerous for even THEM to handle. The send in their N.O.R.M. Unit (Networking Offline ROM Module) often cheering "NORRRRM" whenever he enters the Room (or more often as like Bar) to liase with them about their next Job.

(The Face and "Gabby Griller" are cast Separate so you can customize your N.O.R.M. Units as you wish).

Both Models sculpted by Carl Stoelzel.

Pre-Order Price £8.25  (RRP £9.50)

Midway Boost Number Two - Red Sector Cleanup Crew II

Thursday, 1 September 2016


The Red Sector Cleanup Crew - 28mm Scale

4 Ex-Miners turned Rescue Operatives, they get called in whenever things get messy.

As part of the Pre-Order Set you also get three "Splutter-Bots" - normally a separate purchase, one of which (who calls himself Steed for some reason) will ONLY be available to purchase as part of this Retro-Booster Offer - remaining stocks will be only made available as part of other promotions or at Shows.

Pre-Order Price £19.50! (RRP £19.50 not including the 3 Retro-Booster Sputter-Bots).

Sculpted by Carl Stoelzel!


'The Strangers' plus their Arch Enemy, the Demon Gorgon!​ - 28mm Scale

4 Adventurous kids, including the Mysterious Psychic "Elle".

The set also comes with the Strangers arch-enemy The "Demon Gorgon".

£20.00 (RRP on full release £22.50)

Also Sculpted by Carl Stoelzel!