Saturday, 16 April 2016

Multi-Pose Models

One of the things we are trying out, for "Henchmen" Models (for want of a better term) is a multi-pose system. It dawned on me that there was actually no need for separate arms and weapons, whilst they are a converters dream (I myself like separate head and weapon sprues) - it struck me that there are pretty much just four "poses" for a model holding a rifle - Aiming, At Rest, Raised, and an "over the shoulder" pose - pretty much everything else was just a variation on a theme. So, after discussing it with Carl Stoelzel (of Stoelzels structures - who's turned out to be something of a genius with Z-Brush) this was what grew out of that basic idea.
Separate Head Sprues (as many as realistically possible) a Sprue of "Grunt" heads, and a special sprue for Squad Leaders/Officers etc, four Torso's, and four Sets of legs. Without repositioning the Toroso's (so just front facing, no swivelling to the left or right), and giving the heads a different tilt or pitch theres a lot of variation already. If it works well (and they sell of course LoL) for the Henchmen, I can see this as an option for characters too - with each Character being provided with an Armed and Unarmed Torso. Tomorrow, a little Chatter about the newer Characters and about the Alternate Futures of S.D.Z.A.!

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