Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Competition Time!!

"Astute Members of the Gaming (and Cult TV Community) might have noticed the "inspiration" for the "New Defenders" (currently up for Pre-Order THE NEW DEFENDERS in the Nexus Miniatures Webstore) - the Competition is a simple one, Nominate a new "inspiration" for a new Detective "Team" (maximum of four members) for the Nexus Miniatures Range, what their names would be in the Nexus Multiverse (and what their inspiration is).

The Winner will be picked by Art Master General Carl Stoelzel and myself, and will become a part of the Nexus Miniatures Range - and the Winner will receive 5 Sets of the Miniature(s) in question.

SO GET THINKING! Post your Entries in this or any (or all) of the threads with this Competition in (or email me at nexus-miniatures@outlook.com).

You have till the 31st of August to get your Entries Posted, the Winner will be announced on the 2nd of September. In the case that more than one Entry has the same "suggestion" the tie breaker will be how amusing or inventive the "alternative" names for the characters are.

Conditions of Entry - All decisions will be final. Prize as stated, and no cash alternative offered. Rights to the concepts and names of the Winning Characters become part of the Nexus Miniatures catalogue (all rights reserved) as soon as the Winning Entry is chosen.

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