Saturday 15 October 2016


A few of you might have remembered a couple of weeks ago I found some Cobra Skimmers that I though I didn't have! A few happy customers snapped them up fast - and I was asked if there were any more "deals" lying around LoL!

As it turned out, there were some other items of stock in the Box I didn't know I had. Morlocks, some of the Rebel/Freedom Fighters, some Prophets, and a few Caprican Legion.

The Capricans are currently being re-stocked, but if you can't wait I've listed these few I have left in the store. They are an "odd" number, so to give those who want them a chance - I've listed them individually. When these are gone, anyone wanting any will have to wait for the restocks when they get here.!/Caprican-Legion-Trooper-No-1-Trooper-Officer/p/56661263/category=15326628!/Caprican-Legion-Trooper-No-2-Rifle-Raised/p/56661286/category=15326628!/Caprican-Legion-Trooper-No-3-Rifle-Lowered/p/56661336/category=15326628

There were some of the Rebel/Freedom Fighters (Porky and Do-Gooder) too, so they have been reduced to just £5 for a pair for a while.!/Rebel-Freedom-Fighters-Porky-&-Do-Gooder/p/56641802/category=15325059

Because of my "find" the Morlock Mob is BACK and even better! Just £10 for SIX Morlocks! Combine that with the Capricans I mentioned above, and Dr Makalay you have a Brotherhood Army!!/Morlock-Mob/p/60309257/category=16633048

Lastly, one of our Signature Models is now down to £4 for a short period - so snap him up while you can!!/Deadling-Hero-No-01-The-Prophet/p/56989816

Don't forget, we're down to our last Sentry too.!/Mark-I-Blackwood-Industries-Sentry-Unit/p/56641820/category=15325060

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