Sunday, 9 August 2015

Painting MDF Buildings Quickly

I've been asked A LOT (as recently as today LoL) how I painted my sarissa buildings, whilst my technique isn't the most detailed - its very fast. 

I use car sprays, as they are thinner (yes, even gloss ones) - all this was done before assembly.

Undercoat black, doesn't have to be thick - just so its coated. MDF soaks paint up, so you need to seal it. Leave it do dry thoroughly.

Over spray, from what will be the top your brickwork colour.

Spray the window/door inserts your wood work colour, the same can be done with window frames (if you want them a different colour) or glue them on first (if you want them the same colour).

Spray the "level splitting" brickwork a different (complementary works best, contrasting colours are too striking) colour - you can also sponge or stipple the colour on, to create a more textured effect.

Stipple the corner bricks, this is an optional stage - but makes some buildings look older than others in style. Likewise, with old west Buildings and victorian buildings different areas have different looks (some areas are meant to be wood, or large brickwork) I recommend masking off and spraying different colours.

Spray the sidewalk/Walkway a different colour (usually better to have all your buildings match).

Use a wash to pick out various slabs on the sidewalk, to give variety (I used slightly thinned Army painter Dark Tone) - on western buildings with walkways, drybrush greys in strategic places to represent the aging of the wood.

All the above steps are quick and easy to do before assembly - when its all dry, assemble and glue together.

When its dry and settled - you can add extra elements you might want - weathering, debris, graffiti etc (mine in the picture has had none of that done yet, I plan on doing all of mine together) or you can leave them "as is" because they look pretty cool anyway.

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