Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Praise Indeed

People are always willing to complain, but rarely send a message of praise - I got this today (along with another order request from him)

"I am very happy  with the last order, the miniatures are great, and my gold and chrome silver paints are getting a hammering, thanks so much for producing such  great miniatures, brings back a lot of childhood memories of the original T.V. series back in the day when there was not much sci-fi on T.V. My mates will get a great kick out of these the next time we play any sci-fi games and these make an appearance on the table"

Mark Cunningham from Australia

The Caprican squad deal (along with other selected items from the range) is now available through Ebay - 

Nexus Miniatures - Caprican Legion - Not Cylons - 28mm Retro Sci-Fi Miniatures

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