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Nexus Miniatures September Update!

It's that time again!- Nexus Miniatures September Update!

Right, the Old Website is gone (sniff, sniff) which is a good sign really as the new Website will be up and running soon!

For now, Miniatures will be available by Emailing me Directly at or certain "deals" are available via "Van Helsings Clearance Cupboard" on Ebay - (along with other interesting non Nexus junk for sale LoL)

Prices are currently still sale prices (good for you, not for me LoL) BUT those discounted prices WILL CEASE BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH - so, if you are after a few bargains order as soon as possible!

What can you expect with the new Website - 

A nice new shiney "space" (with some rules teasers)

A Special Edition Uni-Tech Officer, he comes with Both heads and a Heavy Blaster Pistol (very limited)

More new Artwork from Carl Stoelzel (get cracking Carl)

Some sexy rules 'leaks' (eventually leading to the release of the Free Beta Rules) - the 3.8 (yes, to those "in the know" the rules have jumped a revision) should be with my trusty Highwaymen soon for some last minute playtesting - including NEW AND UPDATED Telekinesis Rules, which were on the cards for being omitted as they were too complex and unwieldy in game play - but thanks to a further flash of brilliance (modest ain't I) they have been streamlined to match the core SDZA Mechanics! 

Theres a LOT to look forward too, and to keep you going in the mean time - a sneaky peek! 

THE MARK II M.A.T.A.T! "Eddie-29" unit is a significant upgrade to the Mark I - Eddie-29 units have a more independent A.I. - which, though more loyal to the people he is assigned to - is way more aggressive. More suited to the battlefield than urban pacification, they have a much wider range of weaponry and upgrades than the Mark I - all of which are included with the kit! 

Original M.A.T.A.T. Design by Carl Stoelzel, Eddie-29 Upgrades Sculpted by Dave Stone.

Manual Orders are still Currently being done (and still at 15% off and with a chance of winning one of the Limited Edition Cobra Skimmers) so if you need to bulk up your collection (hopefully ready for the free S.D.Z.A. Rules release) don't leave it too long - as we're getting close with the new Webstore now.

A quick "heads up" too, Shipping will be going up a little - lately the larger orders have mean either the shipping costing (a lot) more than my Rates, or me having to send them insured - rather than charge by order size (which is actually a rip off anyway) as of today these new shipping rates apply (but they are still really competitive though)

UK - £2.00
E.U. - £4.25
Rest of the World - £7.20

As usual, if you are unsure and need help, please feel free to contact me by Email (the comes straight to my phone).

To place an order either contact me through Facebook or Email at Nexus Miniatures ( - or check out the deal listings on Ebay at

Metal Miniatures

Our Metal Miniatures are cast in white metal, and require cleaning with a knife or file - and in some cases assembly, we use Super-Glue. Due to the nature of the miniatures production material, and small parts, sometimes with sharp edges - we do not recommend them for Hobbyists under the age of 16.

NX01 - F.O.N. Operative 01 (Psychic Hero) £3.50 Each
NX02 - F.O.N. Operative 02 (Beastly Hero) £3.50 Each
NX03 - F.O.N. Operative 03 (Furious Hero) £3.50 Each

OR £6.50 for two (please let me know your preference), or £9.50 for all three

NXH01 - Extra F.O.N. Heads Set 01 (The Wolfman and the Visor) 99p Each
NXH02 - Extra F.O.N. Heads Set 02 (The Gambler and the Devil) 99p Each

NX04 - F.O.N. Trooper 01 (comes with F.O.N. Trooper Accessory Sprue 1 or 2 – please let me know your preference) £3.00 Each

NXT01 - F.O.N. Trooper Accessory Sprue 1 (Aggressive Head - Mouth Open/Shouting, Rifle, and Stun Stick) 99p Each
NXT02 - F.O.N. Trooper Accessory Sprue 1 (Grumpy Head - Mouth Closed/Frowning, Rifle, and Stun Stick) 99p Each 

NX06 - Mutt 01 (Carnivore) £4.00 Each
NX07 - Mutt 02 (Herbivore) £4.00 Each

or £7.50 for the Pair

NX08 - Uni-Tech Security Officer 01 (Cap and Pistol) £3.50 
NX09a - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 01 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle) £3.50 Each 
NX09b - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 02 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle Raised) £3.50 Each 
NX09c - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 03 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle Lowered) £3.50 Each 

Either £6.50 for a Pair, or £9.50 for Three (please let me know your preference)

NX10 - Uni-Tech Security Heads Set 01 (Bare Head and Elite Trooper Helmet) 99p Each

NX11 - Rebel/Mercenary 01 ("Porky" Ironsides, armed with UZI) £3.50 Each
NX12 - Rebel/Mercenary 02 ("Do Gooder" Marcus, armed with Uni-Tech Blaster Pistol, and separate Camera) £3.50 Each

or £6.50 for a Pair

NX13 - D-Ranger 01 (Codename Helios) £3.50 Each
NX14 - D-Ranger 02 (Codename Galicia) £3.50 Each
NX15 - D-Ranger 03 (Codename Joey) £3.50 Each

or £9.50 for Three

NX16 - D-Ranger Helmet Sprue 01 99p Each

NX17 - Doctor Makalay (Brotherhood Leader) £4.50 Each
NX18 - Pisacha (Rogue Prime Assassin) £4.00 Each

or £8.00 for the Pair

NX19 - American Agent 01 (Wolfe Sculder) £3.75 Each
NX20 - American Agent 02 (Katherine Mulley) £3.75 Each

or £7.00 for the Pair

NX21 - British Secret Agent 01 (60's Jacob Nexus) £3.75 Each
NX22 - British Secret Agent 02 (80's Jacob Nexus) £3.75 Each

or £7.00 for the Pair

NX23 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper/Offcer (Rifle or Pistol) 01 £3.25 Each
NX24 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper 02 (Rifle Raised) £3.25 Each 
NX25 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper 03 (Rifle Lowered) £3.25 Each

or £9.00 for all Three

NXAC01 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Weapon Sprue (Pistol & Rifle) 99p Each  

NX29 - Brotherhood Morlock 01 (Unarmed) £3.00 Each
NX30 - Brotherhood Morlock 02 (Unarmed or Throwing Big Rock) £3.00 Each
NX31 - Brotherhood Morlock 03 (Road Sign or Concrete Stump) £3.00 Each

or £8.50 for all Three

Resin Models

All Nexus Miniatures Resin Models are Expert Level Kits. They may require sanding and filing, and need to be assembled with Super Glue. Please Take Care when working with Resin - if you are unsure and need help, please feel free to contact me. Due to the nature of the Resin Models - because of the production material, required sanding/filing/and assembly with Super-Glue - we do not recommend them for Hobbyists under the age of 16.

NXS01 - Mark I Blackwood Industries Sentry Unit £14.99 each
NXS02 - Apocalypse Security Personell 'M.A.T.A.T.' Mark I (Mobile All Terrain Automated Trooper) £12.99 Each


Our Deals are there for one reason, to offer great value for money (not that Nexus Miniatures aren't already good value - they are). Always check out our Deals to see what you can save!

NXDS01 - 'Doom Squad' Deal £32.00 (NXS01 x 1 + NX01 x 2 + NX02 x 2 + NX03 x 2 + NXH01 x 1 + NXH03 x 1)
NXDS02 - 'Robot Rumble' Deal £25.00 (Both a NXS01 - Mark I Blackwood Industries Sentry Unit and a  NXS02 - Apocalypse Security Personell M.A.T.A.T. Mk I
NXDS03 - 'Sentry Sentinels' Deal £27.00 (2 x NXS01 - Mark I Blackwood Industries Sentry Unit)
NXDS04 - 'M.A.T.A.T. Mob' Deal £23.00 (2 x NXS02 - Apocalypse Security Personell MK I M.A.T.A.T.s)
NXDS05 - 'Uni-Tech Patrol' Deal £20.00 (NX08 x 1 + NX09a x 2 + NX09b x 2 + NX09c x 2)
NXDS06 - 'By Your Command' Deal £16.00 (NX23 x 2 plus 1 Weapon Sprue + NX24 x 2 + NX25 x 2)
NXDS07 - 'Morlock Madness' Deal £15.00 (NX29 x 2 + NX30 x 2 + NX31 x 2) 

Shipping (Fixed Rate, Extra Insurance or Expedited Shipping Upon Request) -

UK - £2.00
E.U. - £4.25
Rest of the World - £7.20

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