Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Mark II M.A.T.A.T. "Eddie-29" - Pre Order

THE MARK II M.A.T.A.T! Is now available to pre-order (all pre orders will be shipped before the new Website Launches) - and you can order from the rest of the range at its Anniversary Discount prices, which will end when the new Website Launches (which will be sooner than you think) and save a few pennies!

The Mk II M.A.T.A.T. "Eddie-29" unit is a significant upgrade to the Mark I - Eddie-29 units have a more independent A.I. - which, though more loyal to the people he is assigned to - is way more aggressive. More suited to the battlefield than urban pacification, they have a much wider range of weaponry and upgrades than the Mark I - all of which are included with the kit! The closeup of the accessories is not of the full selection that comes with the Model - just look at the third picture to see how much customization is possible!

 A steal at just £14.99, the Mk II M.A.T.A.T. is an expert level resin kit, and comes with all the upgrade components and its essential Plastic Base.

To order (while we're waiting for the new Store - Im assured by my IT bloke its very close) either contact me directly through here, via our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/nexus.miniatures), or via our PayPal Email (nexus-miniatures@outlook.com), and we'll sort out what you might want.

Original M.A.T.A.T. Design by Carl Stoelzel, Eddie-29 Upgrades Sculpted by Dave Stone.

Shipping, Fixed Rate -

UK - £2.00
E.U. - £4.25
Rest of the World - £7.20

No additional Shipping for Additional Items.

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