Monday, 3 October 2016


Our first "Retro-Booster" went quite well, though we didn't quite get there with the "I.D.D. Troopers and Command" we managed to unlock the "New Defenders", Red Sector Crew Sets 1 & 2, the Future Force and their Enemies of the Machine Empire, "The Strangers" and their Enemy "The Demon Gorgon", AND the Morrow Men!

Though we missed with the I.D.D. Troopers and Command, its not a reason to be sad - its something to look forward to as the next S.D.Z.A. Retro-Booster will lead off with them (and more)! Expect it in the New-Year.

Coming soon will be a Retro-Booster for our Horror Range "Sharp Distinction" - which will include all sorts of Lovecraft and Hollywood Monsters and Beasties.

We've decided to make the Sharp Distinction Retro-Booster much more simple, with a set range of Miniatures to pre-order over a slightly shorter period of time (no need to make it longer with no Unlocks to stretch for).

Here are some examples of what you can look forward to . . . .

Right now I'd like to thank EVERYONE who pre-ordered, and (to keep you excited) you can expect a "Nexus Update" every Monday. The Monday Updates will (from now on) have progress reports, news and plans, and even rules snippets from the upcoming "Nexus System" - a trimmed down version will be posted to Facebook, the Blog (, the Lead Adventure forum, and Twitter (Drew@NEXUSMINIATURES) - but if you want the PDF sent to you simply Email with "Nexus Update" in the subject line to start receiving the Nexus Update PDF each Monday.

Once again, thanks to EVERYONE who Boosted - and I hope you are all still as excited as I am :D

Regards - Drew

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