Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Initiative Defense Directorate

The I.D.D. (Initiative Defense Directorate) Troopers are a familiar sight in the Worlds Hot Spots - whether acting as Support for the Primes of the Initiative, or as support for local City Defense Forces I.D.D. Troopers are always on hand to help.

Sculpted by the extremely talented Carl Stoelzel, the I.D.D. Troopers and I.D.D. Command will be the next "Unlock" (should we get there LoL)

The Morrow Men are now Unlocked and up for Advance-Order (https://nexus-miniatures.ecwid.com/#!/The-Morrow-Men/p/72133162/category=15426785) so now is the perfect time to enter into our "Nominate a Friend" Competition ;-) - find the information here https://nexus-miniatures.ecwid.com/#

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