Sunday, 19 July 2015

Caprican Legion

The Caprican Legion pictured here, are Caprican Drone Troopers - it wasn't long before Major Caprican realized that his men were dying out, the original Legion were 100 strong but it wasn't long before he had lost a quarter of his Troopers - working as Mercenaries and Standing Military for the Brotherhood soon took its toll.

Combining a simple sentry AI with the Cybernetic systems already utilized to keep his own men functioning in their "unliving" state was no real issue for Capricans genius Mind - held together by a cheaper polished steel version of their standard A.S.P. Armour and Caprican Helmet - the Drone Troopers were a force to be reckoned with, especially when led by a Gold Clad Drone Commander. Marching mercilessly ever forward, following orders without question "By Your Command" . . . . . .

The Nexus Miniatures are currently available to order, at £3.25 Each - £9.00 for one of each of three different designs, and an Army Builder 'By Your Command' deal of Six Caprican Legionnaire for just £16.00 (and everything is 15% off at the moment, with an Entry into a Prize Draw).

To place an order either contact me through here or Email at Nexus Miniatures ( or - the outlook email comes straight to my phone) - or check out the Website at (new website and webstore 'Coming Soon')

NX23 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper/Officer (Rifle or Pistol) 01 £3.25 Each
NX24 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper 02 (Rifle Raised) £3.25 Each 
NX25 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper 03 (Rifle Lowered) £3.25 Each

or £9.00 for all Three

NXAC01 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Weapon Sprue (Pistol & Rifle) 99p Each  

NXDS06 - 'By Your Command' Deal £16.00 (NX23 x 2 + NX24 x 2 + NX25 x 2)

Shipping (Fixed Rate, Extra Insurance or Expedited Shipping Upon Request) -

UK - £1.80
E.U. - £3.80
Rest of the World - £6.50

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