Monday, 20 July 2015


Also available as part of the Nexus Miniatures Catalogue (and also 15% off RRP as part of our Anniversary) - the Corporation Troops of Uni-Tech

These guys are welcome 'Visitors' (see what I did there) to any Retro Sci-Fi Wargames Table or Miniature Collection - Uni-Tech are an important part of the S.D.Z.A. (Super-Hero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse) Universe as they were responsible for the Experiment (Project Re-Birth) that led to the outbreak of the R.D.S. (Reactive De-evolution Syndrome) Virus and the mutagenic effects that created the Carrion (Zombies), Primes (Dinosaurs), and the Prehistoric and De-Evolved Animals.

Available Individually, or as a bumper 'Uni-Tech Patrol' deal - they are great for all sorts of Apocalyptic and Retro Sci-Fi Gaming.

NX08 - Uni-Tech Security Officer 01 (Cap and Pistol) £3.50 
NX09a - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 01 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle) £3.50 Each 
NX09b - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 02 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle Raised) £3.50 Each 
NX09c - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 03 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle Lowered) £3.50 Each 

Either £6.50 for a Pair, or £9.50 for Three (please let me know your preference)

NX10 - Uni-Tech Security Heads Set 01 (Bare Head and Elite Trooper Helmet) 99p Each

NXDS05 - 'Uni-Tech Patrol' Deal £20.00 (NX08 x 1 + NX09a x 2 + NX09b x 2 + NX09c + 2 x NX10)

To place an order either contact me through here or Email at Nexus Miniatures ( or - this one comes direct to my Mobile) - or check out the Website at - New Website Coming Soon!

Shipping (Fixed Rate, Extra Insurance or Expedited Shipping Upon Request) -

UK - £1.80
E.U. - £3.80
Rest of the World - £6.50

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