Thursday, 2 July 2015

Dinosaur Rangers

The history of the Organization that became known as the D-Rangers (or Dinosaur-Rangers to give them their full title) began pretty much before that day in 1983 when the Dino-S**t first hit the fan.

Originally the "Rangers" (as they were dubbed back in the old days) were the Staff at the first Dino-Parks - and their membership comprised of the regular Staff, Veterinarians, Paleontologists, Experienced Zoo Keepers, and Animal Behaviour experts hired to work at and maintain the Dino-Parks - when the chaos erupted and the Dinosaurs started roaming wild and free - their job changed, Rangers helped monitor, control, and even capture escaped and wild Dinosaurs in an attempt to control the situation - though their modern Duties and Responsibilities are greater today - as the D-Rangers often Deal with Carrion Outbreaks and Rogue Mutts as well.

No matter where Rangers patrol, what part of the world - or what mounts the ride. They all wear the same emblem, and have the same Motto - Humanitas Colimus (Humanity We Serve). So, whether you live in luxury inside a Cities Walls, or live the Humble life of a Shanty Dweller - remember the Brave men and women of the Rangers who help keep you safe.

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