Monday, 27 July 2015

Of Primes and Super-Beings

Primes (what we call "super-beings" in the S.D.Z.A. Universe) can be collected (and eventually played in games of S.D.Z.A.) in a few different ways.

Our beloved Super Beings are technically split into three Factions, you have the Sanctioned Primes of the Initiative - these are your "Freaks Of Nature" Operatives (as the general public so cruelly calls them), they can be included in with any "Good" Army, so Military, Government types, and Human "Survivors" may take them as part of their Force - but of course you can also take them as a full Initiative Force - backed up by Initiative Troopers and a Sentry Unit.

They can also be painted in less uniform Colours as Rogue Primes for a Brotherhood Collection/Force too - happily backing up the manipulative Dr Makalay and his companion the female Prime Assassin Pisacha.

All currently available from Nexus Miniatures, and still with a 15% discount as part of the current "pre-webstore" promotion for Manual Orders.

NX01 - F.O.N. Operative 01 (Psychic Hero) £3.50 Each
NX02 - F.O.N. Operative 02 (Beastly Hero) £3.50 Each
NX03 - F.O.N. Operative 03 (Furious Hero) £3.50 Each

OR £6.50 for two (please let me know your preference), or £9.50 for all three

NXH01 - Extra F.O.N. Heads Set 01 (The Wolfman and the Visor) 99p Each
NXH02 - Extra F.O.N. Heads Set 02 (The Gambler and the Devil) 99p Each

NX04 - F.O.N. Trooper 01 (comes with F.O.N. Trooper Accessory Sprue 1 or 2 – please let me know your preference) £3.00 Each

NXT01 - F.O.N. Trooper Accessory Sprue 1 (Aggressive Head - Mouth Open/Shouting, Rifle, and Stun Stick) 99p Each
NXT02 - F.O.N. Trooper Accessory Sprue 1 (Grumpy Head - Mouth Closed/Frowning, Rifle, and Stun Stick) 99p Each 

NX17 - Doctor Makalay (Brotherhood Leader) £4.50 Each
NX18 - Pisacha (Rogue Prime Assassin) £4.00 Each

or £8.00 for the Pair

NXS01 - Mark I Blackwood Industries Sentry Unit £14.99 each

NXDS01 - 'Doom Squad' Deal £32.00 (NXS01 x 1 + NX01 x 2 + NX02 x 2 + NX03 x 2 + NXH01 x 1 + NXH03 x 1)

Shipping (Fixed Rate, Extra Insurance or Expedited Shipping Upon Request) -

UK - £1.80
E.U. - £3.80
Rest of the World - £6.50

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