Sunday, 18 September 2016

Midway Upgrade Boost!

Midway Upgrade Boost!

All Equitum Troopers of the Machine Empire sets ordered during the Retro-Booster Promotion (INCLUDING those already ordered) will now not only include the Sub-Commander Head Sprue, but will NOW also include a Machine Empire Rifle Sprue - MAKING THEM EVEN BETTER Value!

This alt head sprue is great for adding variety to your squads of Equitum Troopers, and the Rifle sprue is great for conversions - adding character to the Unarmed Equitum Trooper, or for use in Terrain Projects!

The Booster Ends at the end of September (Sunday the 2nd of October to be precise - and non of the pre-order items will "re-appear" in the Webstore till the pre-orders are shipped!

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