Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Strangers, The Prophet, and the Demon Gorgon.

The Strangers, The Prophet, and the Demon Gorgon.

The Prophets idea was a simple one, to create a weapon - a Deadling of such power that it could be released to destroy his enemies whenever the whim took him.

Unfortunately, the Multiverse is a fickle place - and on our Earth Uni-Tech had the same idea. They had taken the child of two Rogue Primes and "altered" her DNA making her the most powerful Scanner on the planet, she could not only control peoples minds she could alter the molecular structure of their bodies - phasing them out of this reality, or obliterating them completely.

The Demon "Gorgon" (as the Prophet called it) was the genetic mirror of Elle, the child Uni-Tech were experimenting upon - this of course was not known, until that fateful night when the Prophet Ported onto our World bringing the Demon Gorgon with him.

As they stepped out the crackling green portal - the Demon Gorgon almost seemed to sniff the air, paused, then stormed off into the night.

It wasn't till the boys (Finn, Caleb, and Mat) stumbled upon the Uni-Tech research facility where Elle was being held and rescued her that they encountered the Demon Gorgon and the -link between Elle and the Beast became an obvious danger.

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  1. Do you have a metal casted image to see relative sizes? Thanks!

  2. I pre-ordered these in 2016. When might we see them being delivered?