Friday, 9 September 2016


As I said, a very generous supporters order took us over the top - AND LOOK WHAT IS UNLOCKED!


When the Machine God decided to use all his might to ensure his Dystopian Future was safe by "tampering" with the Time Line, the Future Initiative (the Super-Powered Guardians of Mankind) assembled a special force, who travelled back in Time using their Time-Glider to keep the future from descending into a Machine Ruled Hell.

Marcus, Doc, Rani, Popinjay, and Chunk ARE "Future Force" - Five young adults with the powers, training, and technology to keep the future from happening - "Saving the Future, From Itself"!

Pre-Order Price £20.00! (RRP £22.50).


Sub-Finem & Imperatorem - Machine Empire Commanders

The Machine Empire uses many Human Minions, all are turncoats on their kind and Work for the betterment of the Machine God and bend all to his will.

Two Such Minions are the Sub-Finem and the Imperatorem.

The Sub-Finem are Unit Commanders, generally in charge of no more than a Dozen Men. The Imperatorem are the "Generals" (for want of a better term) and can lead anything from a small Skirmish Force, to a large army of "Equitum" Troopers.

Pre-Order Price £8.25! (RRP £9.50).


Equitum Troopers of the Machine Empire

The Equitum Troops of the Villainous Machine Empire hail from the far future in the S.D.Z.A. Universe, and the Machine God of the Empire (in typical movie trope fashion) has started sending its expendible Human Troops back in time to ensure the Machine Empires Future is safe (assuming the heroes of the "Future Force" don't stop them).

These Models are created using the "EZ-Build" system, rather than separate arms and weapons (which, lets face it are a pain to assemble at 28mm scale - especially in metal) we opted for separate torsos, legs, and heads only. It still gives a large amount of variation for each model with rotation and the fact different torsos can be used on different legs - but isn't a pain in the ass to do (like when the arm sticks to your fingers rather than the model LoL).

Pre-Order Price £17.50! (RRP £20.00)


All Brilliantly Sculpted by Carl Stoelzel!

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