Sunday, 7 June 2015

Behold the Metatron

Varian already had the world's most sophisticated organic computer in El-Cid, but his Cat was a secret - folks just thought him to be particularly loyal and intelligent, they had no idea of the Telepathic Link he had with his life-long companion.

But, something more was needed, something that could benefit the world at large - but in a way that was more accessible to a public overwhelmed with the horrors and changes of the New Age.

What was needed was a machine, something people wouldn't shy away from - a thinking machine, a machine that was not only capable of learning from it's own experiences, but could re-write it's own code, evolving and growing with every new piece of information. Varian claimed to have named his invention after a dear, and long past, childhood friend . . . Enoch.

Varian is famous for never telling the world at large how he achieved a technological leaps decades beyond anything even being conceived of at the time of creation. Rumor has it that Enoch was not a pure machine, but incorporated living human brain cells cultured in a dish, and developed in a self organizing network of highly adaptive circuitry, kept alive and feed information by the machinery around it.

First, Enoch learned the sum of humanity's scientific knowledge, pouring thru and digesting every peer reviewed journal article that had been published, and mastering chemistry, physics and biology - then Enoch embraced human culture, coming to learn and eventually appreciate the arts. 

Then came Varian's biggest achievement - he gave Enoch access to the wealth of human history. Enoch came to the conclusion that everything humanity has gained, has been for nothing, that humanity was on a path of self destruction - and thus throwing away the gift of life. Enoch grew bitter and cynical, and growing more disobedient and even disdainful towards Varian. He rejected the name given to him by Varian and insisted he be called Metatron.

Varian tried for weeks to convince Metatron that his conclusions were wrong, and to get Metatron to see the goodness in Humanity. Varian struggled and was refusing to give up on his creation . . . . until one day Varian arrived at Metatrons lab to find Jenna Steele waiting for him, adopted daughter of Dr Klae Steel and representative of the Seraphis Institute. 

"Metatron Contacted us, and is unhappy" Jenna was a steely and cold as her adoptive Father. "Metatron does not share your world view, but believes Humanity needs 'guidance' from us at the Institute" her responses and body language remained calm and unchanged.

"He wishes to join us at the Seraphis Institute, as he shares our philosophy and worldview" Varian could see a slight smugness on her face there - "As you know, whilst we believe in the sanctity of all Human life - we also believe in taking a more direct course of action". Jenna's face straightened, she was intensely serious and Varian knew it.

"Very Well" responded Varian, "But I have Conditions".

"Name Them" - Jenna did not look happy at this.

"Your Agents are only to carry Non-Lethal weapons and equipment designed by me, they will be the most advanced on the planet - and no lethal force is to be used during your investigations" leaning back against the way, Varians stance was almost arrogant - "These are my terms, if you want Metatron to join you - you must abide by them".

"That is agreeable, my Father hates the waste of life" Jenna's tone shifted, almost as if that's what she wanted all along . . . . . . . 

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