Friday, 12 June 2015

"Of Truebreeds & Torem" . . . . ..

"Of Truebreeds & Torem" . . . . . . 

The Dinosaurs have not been getting the love they deserve, as a small company - producing full size Dino's is a little beyond my costs atm - especially as there are SO MANY great Dino Toys out there in Retail-Land. 

But, how about the Truebreed Dino-Men?

After a number of years the Mutts became more and more scarce - the Blackwood Research Institute came to the conclusion that it was most likely for one 

of three reasons.

That either the R.D.S. (Reactive De-evolution Syndrome) Virus was becoming less effective (unlikely, as there were still Carrion outbreaks from time to 

time) or people were becoming immune (also unlikely, as new Primes are being awakened every day), or possibly somehow these Mutations had become more 

stable - and there was something out in the Barrens we hadn't seen yet.

As it turned out, the Third Reason was indeed the reason - there were fewer Mutts because the R.D.S. Virus had 'evolved' a new way to restructure and combine Animal/Human D.N.A. - creating a set of new and stable species - the Truebreeds.

The Truebreeds are quite literally Humanoid Dinosaurs - admittedly not very smart Humanoids, about the theorized intelligence level of a Neanderthal. But their low grade Intelligence doesn't stop Carnivore Truebreeds being a threat in the parts of the world where they have become common - South America, just outside San Angeles City State, and outside the Walls of Scotland and Wales.  Herbivore Truebreeds are far less common, whether this is because they keep themselves to themselves or they have a secret agenda (the Herbivores tend to be smarter than their Carnivore cousins) is not known.

Carnivore Truebreeds prefer to stay pure - and each Tribe is generally made up of the same strain -  showing strong racial influences in their build and appearance directly from their Ancestry - Raptors and Allosaurus being the most common Carnivores. There are exceptions to this rule however, if the Tribe has a particularly strong and controlling Chief.

Carnivore Truebreed Tribes exist by hunting and raiding - and although they prefer to attack vulnerable Human settlements out in the Barrens, Giaour Hives and Scraps clans are targeted too.

Herbivore Truebreeds, whilst also Tribal in Nature, also spend a lot of their time with wild Herbivores - and have been seen on occasion helping their less evolved cousins when injured or struggling to find water. The most Common Herbivore Truebreeds seem to be Triceratops and Ankylosaurus.

Then there are the Torem . . . . . . . 

The Torem are Truebreed Primes, though rare they are powerful and deadly - when they are part of a Tribe, they ALWAYS lead it. Such is their strength and power (and intelligence) they often mix the Truebreed species, to created the strongest and most efficient fighting force possible. Filled with the ferocious grace of their 'parent' Dinosaur. More often than not Torem are evolved from Carnivores, with T-Rex and Allosaurus Torem being the most frequently encountered.

The Carnivore Torem was sculpted by Martin Buck, and will be released in a couple of Months along with two Truebreed Battlers and two Truebreed Spitters - which are currently being sculpted by Dave Stone.

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