Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Of Whispers, Dums, and Carrion

When Uni-Tech were first trying to clone Dinosaurs, to get it to work they had to 'piggy back' the Dino DNA onto the genetic template of a theoretically harmless Virus - we all have them, here in the real world they've know about them for years, commonly known as bacteriophage or just 'phage' it is a virus that infects and replicates within a bacterium  - a phage was used as a carrier, as a Virus can replicate more efficiently than any Animal cell currently known to man. A phage may be encoded  to carry over a 100,000 - many more than the 24,000 needed.

When the technology became viable, it evolved into a money making venture for unscrupulous businessmen who were running Uni-Tech – exploiting it without it being fully tested.

Of course, when the Dino-Parks start opening all over the USA - and the Dino's then start breeding themselves (chaos theory reigns and Nature always finds a way) the Virus mutates and a new strain evolves, creating a "wild card" effect - causing it to spread to other animals – including Humans! 

This new Infectious Virus started spreading Dinosaur characteristics to Humans - 90% of those infected become seriously ill. Only around 10% of those infected became 'Primes' - humans who began developing special traits. Enhanced Strength, toughened skin, lighter bones, wings, and other more 'exotic' and unexpected abilities. Most Primes are positive (designated Alphas, Betas, and Deltas to designate their level of ability), and show no (or very little) outward manifestation of their mutations - others, are more monstrous (and in the case of Omegas, generally hideous and deformed).

After a time The Primes in countries all over the world attempted a take over, which naturally lead to a cold war situation between the various Prime 'Nations' and the Norms - which led to the use of nuclear strikes, conventional, and chemical warfare. All the time Uni-Tech Scientists are trying to find a cure, but when they start getting close - the R.D.S. Virus mutates again into a new strain (due to a combination of Uni-Tech's tampering, Chemical contamination, Radiation, and natural viral evolution/contagion development), which in turn led to a new and uncontrollable Necrotizing Fasciitis infection (therein lies the problem - when ANY "strange" Virus encounters a new species it mutates again –  in this case killing people and then altering the DNA Code, changing their cellular structure - the result. CARRION!). Rather than the flesh simply being eaten away - it rots on the bone, remaining as leathery dessicated flesh hanging gorily off the bone leaving the Carriers craving healthy tissue – the very thing they have lost. This leads them to attack and bite, further spreading the disease.

There are two types of Carrion, Whispers and Dums.

The "Z-Cells" take over the body, forcing it into its new state - its alive, but not in the generally accepted way. The level of decay in the host would depend upon the degree to which the Z-Cells has taken over the host. Someone with nearly 100% conversion would look fresher for longer - as Z-Cells don't decay as such, they more "dry out" and become dessicated like tissue thats been mummified. The more mindless Dum's had received enough Z-Conversion to turn, but not enough to stop them breaking up from decay
If enough cells Get Corrupted barring damage a Carrion could live forever - generally these "full conversions" aren't victims of bites they are 100% conversion by the source. Either direct exposure to the R.D.S. Virus itself, or they were carriers of the Virus, who passed away (either from natural causes, radiation poisoning, or chemical poisoning) leaving the R.D.S. Virus to run rampant throughout their system.

The true nature of the 'Whispers' (Smart Carrion) is that they have achieved 100% conversion, and as a consequence their intellect remains intact

Whispers are generally fresh fresh looking - with maybe some facial deformities created not only the R.D.S. Virus but also the change in personality and mindset, they normally look like they are less than a few days or weeks 'dead' - are faster than regular Carrion and can think independantly of the herd, even using tools and simple weapons. A few rare examples keep their original intelligence and personality - it has been theorized that maybe the prime aspects of their genetic makeup had been activated as they died, but in 99% of these cases the individual gets so depressed and hateful of their situation and what they have become they seek to end their existence.

Dums are rarely fresh (in look or smell), they are slow, scratch and bite - but show little (or no) actual intelligence.

They are often "herded" by the Whispers or the cannibalistic Giaour.

Whispers can still communicate, but in gravelly whispered tones - Dum's cannot speak, merely grunting and groaning.

This first 'X-Rated' Whisper Miniature was sculpted by the Undead Master Mark Evans, and will be part of an upcoming release.

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