Thursday, 18 June 2015

'Drew's Big Box Of Bargains'

Drew's Big Box Of Bargains' is here! - I have a batch of F.O.N. Troopers where the Head and Weapon sprue are miscast.

The Helmet, Rifle, and Glow-Rod are slightly out of step (the mold slipped - see the picture) - they just need a little more work and TLC than usual (or just use different heads and weapons LoL)

As the Sprue and the Body are in the same mold - when I cast more, I have the bodies to match (which are perfect btw)

SO, rather than just have them sit here in the Nexus Bunker doing nothing - I'm offering them for sale at a discounted price (worth it just for the bodies to be frank).

£1 each for a Sprue and a Body - they are all the "angry" head I am afraid, so no asking for swap outs - they are all in a big bag together, so don't ask how many there are. There are quite a few, but its first come first served.

When They are Gone they are Gone!

£1.00 each postage as standard (no matter how many you buy) and if you place a regular order as well - I'll treat you to a freebie ;)

UK - £1.80
E.U. - £3.80
Rest of the World - £6.50

Email at Nexus Miniatures ( or to get some cheap troopers :D

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