Monday, 8 June 2015

'V'ery Nice Uni-Tech Reinforcements!


'V'ery Nice Uni-Tech Reinforcements!

Along with the original Uni-Tech Trooper and Officer, you now have two new Trooper Poses.

NX32 - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 02 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle Raised) 

NX33 - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 03 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle Lowered)

These expand the Uni-Tech Arsenal, and as with - NX08 Uni-Tech Security Officer 01 (Cap and Pistol) and NX09 Uni-Tech Security Trooper 01 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle) they are priced at £3.50 - to go with the new Troopers, a new "multi-buy" pricing Structure.

Either £6.50 for a Pair, or £9.50 for Three, £12.00 for four.

We also are going to have the new "Uni-Tech Squad Deal" - two of each Trooper Plus an Officer for £21.00!

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