Sunday, 29 November 2015

Major Colt and the Goat of Mendes

A look at a story from Major Colt's past (Chief Administrator of the Seraphis Institute) he hasn't always been the stuffy administrator his fellow operatives imagine him to be . . . . 

Chicane looked up a Major Colt - Colt's calm nature, even under the most extreme of situations always amazed Chicane. Nothing seemed to phase the man, and how did he always keep so fit? For a man age he should be slowing down by now surely?

The Craft had touched-down in the Richmond area of London, Colt and Chicane rounded the corner with Colt’s Ward Joanna Darling in two, and there it was planted square in front of the Richmond District Line Subway Entrance, there was a hole in the side of the craft and crudely formed 'scaffolding' wrapped around it. Members of the local community, were walking about - but they were different. Their eyes were rolled back into their heads - no iris or pupil were visible, and their skin was grey and waxy looking. Even so, they moved with purpose - walking too and from the Craft with scrap metal - more locals could be seen working on the scaffolding itself. Sawing, hammering, shaping - lashing pieces of roughly cut metal to the structure with copper wire.

Then the creature exited the craft through the hole, shorter than a man at first it looked like Pan from Greek Mythology. The creature turned and sniffed the air - almost looking directly where the trio stood watching from the shadows - was it, could it be? 

For the first time in his life Mike Chicane saw Major John Colt look shocked, the surprise almost made him laugh out loud - then he saw how stunned Major Colt truly was, and his urge to laugh quickly disappeared.

Colt stood there trying to come to terms with what he saw standing there in front o him, his senses reeled as his brain tried to make sense and logic of what he saw - was it truly the Goat of Mendes, THE DEVIL HIMSELF . . . . . 

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