Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Greymen

As they crept around the corner of the ruin, Dr Steele and Ruby felt a familiar 'tingle' - they looked over at Harry Solo, who looked back at them with questioning eyes.

"I've sensed this before, at a Uni-Tech installation" - Steeles voice had its usual cold ring to it - "whatever it is, it is not natural".

Ruby looked worried, she too had felt this 'presence' before - she hoped it was not a Greyman, not this time.

The Greymen were synthetics - artificial Humans that had not had their forms 'set" - they could appear as male or female, and could appear 'blank' with the intention of assassinating a target and replacing them - absorbing the very genetic code of the host - replicating appearance, prime powers, even memories.

Harry looked over at where Steele and Ruby stood and primed his Weapon to fire - for the first time in Dr Steeles experience, Solo look scared.

For behind them stood ten Greymen - all blank . . . 

Art by Carl Stoelzel

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