Sunday, 8 November 2015

Uni-Tech Officer with Heavy Blaster Pistol

A little treat for the first 10 People to spend £35 or more in the new Webstore - not including Shipping Charges (including Facebook) will get one of the prototypes of the new Uni-Tech Officer with Heavy Blaster Pistol (and this kit will NEVER get a general release)!

FYI four have already gone!

A version of this cool dude will be released at a later date, but it will be quite different to the prototype.

In addition, those who manage to get ahold of one of these VERY exclusive Miniatures - will also receive two of the prototype Toppers (one Street Level and One Tech Level) to base him (and a friend) on.

The picture shows 4 variants of each topper, but there are actually six different styles of each.

Nexus Miniatures Webstore

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