Monday, 16 November 2015


Our first 'Deadling Hero' - The Prophet!

The Prophet is a mysterious figure in the modern legends of the S.D.Z.A. World.

Once Human, he is a Prime from a Parallel Dimension, on his home world, the Prophet and three other members of the "Dark Initiative" were the ones who DELIBERATELY created the RDS virus, and turned their world into the first Deadworld.

So far, the only member of the Dark Initiative that has passed through to 'our' world is the Prophet - an he can draw the occasional sploog of Carrion through as well, even remotely at a distance - and other "Deadling" creatures have been seen accompanying him.

A totally unique Model to the S.D.Z.A. setting, he has been sculpted by the remarkably talented Mark Evans? - and is now available for pre-order!

The Pre-Order Price is £5.00 - his Release RRP is £5.50!

He will be shipped immediately upon receipt from the Casters - which is likely to be late December, Just in Time for Christmas!

As usual - Other models purchased at the same time as a pre-order will be shipped with the pre-order.

Why not Treat Yourself!!/Deadling-Hero-No-01-The-Prophet/p/56989816/category=15426785

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