Monday, 23 November 2015

Pre-Orders & Prizes!

Dont forget - the pre-orders are up - The Seraphis Institute, and the Prophet!

Get all the Seraphis Institute Characters in One Go - Dr. Klae Steel, Charley 'Ruby' James, P.b., Sterling Mercury, Agent Harry Solo, and Major John Colt (all also available separately or in handy twin packs).

All Members of the Seraphis Institute are unique individuals, some are Primes - others experienced and dangerous individuals from other Agencies, the only fact people should know is that the Seraphis Institute has Powerful, Driven, 'Irregular Agents' working for it.

There are no Troops in the Seraphis Institute, they are a Faction built entirely of powerful and unique Characters (although the final S.D.Z.A. Rules will include custom guidelines to create your own 'Irregular Agents')

These are new to the S.D.Z.A. setting have been sculpted by the incredibly talented Ian Mountain - and are now available for pre-order!

The Pre-Order Price is £23.50 - the Release RRP is £25.00!

Our first 'Deadling Hero' - The Prophet!

The Prophet is a mysterious figure in the modern legends of the S.D.Z.A. World.
Once Human, he is a Prime from a Parallel Dimension, on his home world, the Prophet and three other members of the "Dark Initiative" were the ones who DELIBERATELY created the RDS virus, and turned their world into the first Deadworld.

So far, the only member of the Dark Initiative that has passed through to 'our' world is the Prophet - an he can draw the occasional sploog of Carrion through as well, even remotely at a distance - and other "Deadling" creatures have been seen accompanying him.

A totally unique Model to the S.D.Z.A. setting, he has been sculpted by the remarkably talented Mark Evans? - and is now available for pre-order!

The Pre-Order Price is £5.00 - his Release RRP is £5.50!

All pre-release Orders will be shipped immediately upon receipt from the Casters - which is likely to be late December, Just in Time for Christmas!

Other models purchased at the same time as a pre-order will be shipped with the pre-order.

IN ADDITION (as if thats not enough) from now until the release day of our most excellent Upcoming Releases of the Seraphis Institute and our first Deadling Hero "The Prophet" all orders (including those placed already) that have a pre-release item in their order - will have their names placed into a draw - the winners of which can win one of the following.

1st Prize for the Draw is a Ral Partha T-Rex RRP £24.95
2nd Prize for the Draw is a Mark I Blackwood Industries Sentry Unit RRP £15.00
3rd Prize for the Draw is a Mark II 'M.A.T.A.T.' (Mobile All Terrain Automated Trooper) 'Eddie-29' RRP £15.00
4th Prize for the Draw is a Mark I 'M.A.T.A.T.' (Mobile All Terrain Automated Trooper) RRP £13.00

The names will be drawn at random, for each prize - once your name has been picked - you will not be "left in the hat" for the rest of the draws. No cash alternative is offered, and your Prize will be shipped with your order.

If you place more than one pre-release order during this time, your Prize will be shipped with your Winning Order!

Pre-Order Section

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