Monday, 29 February 2016


It's been asked for, so here it is - the Seraphis Institute Field Operatives Deal! 

The Seraphis Institute in one form or another has existed since the time of the Crusades, its mandate has always been one of investigation and exploration, and has always stood for knowledge and learning above all else - even during the 17th Century, when they found themselves at odds with the Catholic Church.

All Members of the Seraphis Institute are unique individuals, most Irregular Agents are Primes with Unearthly Powers - this set includes Doctor Klae Steele, Charlie "Ruby" James, P.b, and Sterling Mercury.

There are no Troops in the Seraphis Institute, they are a Faction built entirely of powerful and unique Characters (although the final S.D.Z.A. Rules will include custom guidelines to create your own 'Irregular Agents')

Also available Separately, or as Twin Packs - and Best of All, you save money over buying them separately!

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