Sunday, 14 February 2016

The S.D.Z.A. Multiverse

A Little about the S.D.Z.A. "Multiverse" (yea, you read right - the MULTIVERSE)!

The S.D.Z.A. World exists pretty much at the centre of the known Multiverse - above the Primogenial Plane (where the S.D.Z.A. World sits) is the Astral Plane, and below the Primogenial lies the Ethereal. 

The Primogenial Plane is surrounded by literally millions of other realities, but here I deal with the four most important ones.

The Primogenial Earth, is an analogue of our own earth in the real world - with all the same corruption, greed, and corporate grabbing we're seeing in the modern world. The big difference is there it remained hidden from public sight, unchecked until it was too late and it caused the "Year of Chaos" which led to the Primes, the Dinosaurs, and the Carrion almost destroying the World.

Deadworld is located on the Ethereal Plane - and has a History that closely parallels the Primogenial Earth in the fact the corruption and greed led to its downfall, but on Deadworld it was the Dark Initiative not a Corporation that caused the fall - and rather than it being accidental, it was deliberate. The Dark Initiative, like the Initiative on "our" Earth were a peacekeeping organization - but unlike our Initiative, that was based on principles of Justice and Freedom - the Dark Initiative were Dictatorial Fascists, and when its leader (The Prophet) concluded that only the living committed crimes - Deadworlds fate was set. It is a dark, barren, and desolate place - where the few living survivors are kept for food and hunted for Sport by Carrion, Strix, and Vrykolakas.

Gimel World is a different World again entirely - Technology Advanced more quickly there than any other reality - England was destroyed by Nuclear Weapons during the Napoleonic War, the remnants of British Empire moved to the Americas (re-naming it Albion) by 1910 they had not only the Internet, but virtual worlds WITHIN the Internet. In 1912 when a Comet was discovered heading towards Earth, it was decided much of the Earths Population would go into Hibernation - kept alive by Sleep Machines that kept the bodies vital and the brains of the sleepers active for the 100 year long sleep till the Scientist Gimel believed the World Would have recovered from the disaster. The Sleepers awakened to find a world with a shattered moon, risen oceans, monsters, mutants, giant intelligent animals, and weird science.  

Weird World is not a single planet, but a chain of Earths that all exist within the same reality. The Many Earths exist as echo's of each other orbiting the sun in a chain of astral bodies that are each slightly out of phase with each other. Time does not pass at the same rate on all of these worlds, some are still Prehistoric, whilst others are Futuristic. All is possible in the Weird World Universe. Most of the Earths are distinct, and have no contact - some (though it is not common) actually have open dialogue  and (though it is rare) actually trade with other Earths. Player Created Worlds using the Nexus Ruleset are considering to be canon - and part of the Weird World Chain.

Last (but not least) we have the Red Earth, the Red Earth was finally conquered by the Uliri in 1953 (actually the "Uliri" are an are an extrasolar race originally from Alpha Centauri who formed their last colony on Mars) - turning "New Mars" (the name given to Earth by the Uliri) into a centre of commerce and trade for the Uliri Empire - almost entirely terraformed by the Uliri Crimson-  New Mars is famed for its Gladiatorial Tournaments, where fighters from all over the Uliri Empire fight for money and their freedom. The Greatest of which is the Earth Man known only as Stormcrow.

Well, there you have it - another glimpse into my insane imagination LoL!

More tomorrow!

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