Saturday, 13 February 2016


I'm a Retro sort of a guy, old fashioned with my tastes for most things - but in particular Gaming.

I LOVE Old School Gaming, so its no great surprise there's some influence within S.D.Z.A.

That's not to say its about rules, although there are certain influences present there - S.D.Z.A. is at the end of the day a Hybrid Game, part ways between an RPG and a Tabletop Skirmish game. The biggest influence is in the feel and the tone of S.D.Z.A. - and this is supported wonderfully by some of Carl Stoelzels wonderful Artwork (of Stoelzels Structures Fame -

I'll just let you soak these in - and I'll share more tomorrow.

Don't forget the Anniversary Deals are still on until Monday the 15th of February (it should be around Lunchtime when I get home) - so be quick!! 

The Nexus Miniatures Webstore

More Piccies Tomorrow!

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