Sunday, 7 February 2016

Rules and Terminology . . . . . .

I'm currently making a few Changes to the rules, some just terminology - others more "in depth".

Lets look at the Terminology.

In S.D.Z.A. there is no Intelligence Stat, because at the end of the day Miniatures in your force are as smart as you are - so why deny it ;) BUT (there's always a "big but" isn't there) certain Traits can cause Miniatures to behave differently depending on the Trait and the Circumstances. 

The Stats WERE - Vigour, Physique, Alacrity, & Backbone.   

Alacrity determines both the general dexterity and the agility of the Miniature. Dexterous people are rarely clumsy, and the same is true of those who are Agile - again, Traits are important here as they further define the strengths and limitations of a Miniature in the game. This is used for all physical actions that do not involve brute strength, shooting, jumping, hitting someone in close combat etc- HOWEVER, some play-testers just can't get to grips with it, others just keep using the Word Agility - so its been replaced replaced with Agility. 

Vigour not only determines what a Miniature can do during a turn, as it is also a Miniatures Action Points – these points are spent whenever a Miniature is Activated to perform Actions. In addition they are also the number of points of damage a Miniature can take before dying - and as a Miniature becomes Injured it’s Vigour score goes down, so it also becomes less capable of performing Tasks during a game - some play-testers seem to confuse Vigour with Physique in their minds - probably because Vigour is often a measure of an individuals health and well being - so, this has been replaced with Vitality, as Vitality as a term covers both the mental and the physical - which is more what the Stat was supposed to represent.

Physique and Backbone stay the same.

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