Sunday, 7 February 2016

All Those Years Ago . . . . .

This coming week marks 10 years since I first wrote anything about the world of Super-Hero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse - I could not POSSIBLY tell you the exact date, but it was the second week of February 2006 when I finally put pen to paper and began this crazy journey.

Of course it didn't have a name back then - it was just series of scatty ideas that came "out of me ed"

I wanted to do SOMETHING with it, I'd always loved Old Movies and TV - and my own gaming (both with Miniatures and RPG's) always leaned in that direction - of course, what to do with it.

I'd left Games Workshop partly to do with a shift in the way Staff and Customers were being treated, but mostly to do with my wanting to help my Dad. Mum was very ill with Parkinsons Disease - and my Dad wasn't well (he'd injured his back saving mum from a fall - and his memory was going fast, which turned out to be Altzheimers) so he needed help.

To the outside world my life was totally "on hold" and to an extent it was - but it did give me lots of time to write.

So, to celebrate that auspicious day when I finally decided to do something with all these ideas that were spinning around my head - this week will see a few "sneaky peeks" and Deals - so check back regularly, or miss out!

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