Sunday, 3 May 2015

Same as it Never Was . . . . .

In S.D.Z.A. the current year is 2015 (it's always contemporaneous with our own year) - "The Year of Chaos" was 1983. The world went down a totally different path to our own world - let’s look at the "little things" rather than the "big picture".

Something’s are the same, but other things wouldn't have changed, the focus on development of new equipment and technologies would have leaned away from entertainment and leisure towards medicine and survival.

"Portable" phones are huge and clunky Radio Phones - with no regular satellite launches and no towers being built here, there, and everywhere, so there could be no mobile phone revolution.

Generally, in a world where "survival" is key - leisure items become less important, and urgent technology takes the forefront in development and research.

We might have DVD's, but it’s doubtful BluRay would have come about. We might have CD's, but again doubtful if MP3 players have been invented. In a world where there are new diseases, new security devices needed, and new man portable weapon design becomes imperative - such luxury leisure items would fall way behind.

I'd like to Think Vinyl LP's were still used, winning over CD's because of the thousands of people with record players and CD players NOT becoming cheaper because there was no way cheaply mass producing them – what with China and Japan being cut off trade wise from the rest of the world.

Motor Vehicles would not be the electronic gadget ridden Miniatures we have today - but robust mechanical vehicles, designed for function over style or luxury - with recycling now being VERY important to survival, Cars would be kept for decades - often handed down to family members. Kit Cars would be very popular, custom made bodywork and reclaimed engines. The same would apply to Motor Cycles, although they wouldn't be very popular - with people seeking the safety of an armoured vehicle instead.

But it is also a World of Contradictions, with Corporations such as Blackwood Industries, Uni-Tech, and Jorogumo Industries utilize Weapons and Vehicles way beyond the Technology of the time!

The world of S.D.Z.A. might be stable now, but compared to our World - it would have a LOT of catching up to do . . . . . . .

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