Saturday, 16 May 2015

Agents for the D.O.I.

Circling around the side of the Truck, Sculder signalled to Mulley to do the same - but around the other side. Looking over his shoulder at Captain Yates of the 5th A.S.P. Trooper Battalion he nodded towards Mulley - Yates knew to give her backup, and two short hand gestures later Yates and his men followed Agent Mulley around the Truck to the other side of the building.

They had tracked the killer to this remote Homestead deep in the Barrens 20 miles outside of Vegas City.

This was something new, the Killer was draining all the blood out of his Victims - literally sucking them dry. Initially Mulley (who was had trained as a Doctor before joining the D.O.I.) had come to the conclusion that the Killer was using a powerful blood pumping device to exsanguinate his victims - but when she found Saliva containing Dino DNA in the wounds on the victims body, she came to the only possible conclusion - it was a new kind of Dinosaur, one that fed on blood rather than flesh and bone.

As Sculder rounded the corner, he saw Mulley and Captain Yates standing there watching the marbre scene - dozens of Alsatian sized winged Dinosaurs, covered in quills feeding off the body of a downed Ornithopod - suckling the blood like a swarm of ghoulish babies at a bloody teet.

A lot bigger than fossilized examples, these were obviously Pegomastax Africanus - the so called "Vampire Dinosaur" that Paleontologists insisted were actually plant eaters. Looked like Sculder and Mulley had found their Murderer - a pack of Vampire dinosaurs that most definitely weren't vegetarian!

As Agents for the D.O.I. (Division Of Investigation) - Wolfe Sculder and Katherine Mulley have a clear mission statement, investigate Criminal Activities outside the Mandate of the United American City States Police Authorities - but their work has taken a far more 'interesting' turn.

Uni-Tech, Jorogumo Industries, and the Montgomery Initiative all have hidden agendas - leaks of information, deep cover investigations, and informers have taken them closer and closer to the truth.

Often taking the well armed and equipped A.S.P. Troopers with them for backup, Sculder and Mulley uncover truths most are afraid to look for.

Shocking as it might be - The Truth Is Out There . . . . . .

Nexus Miniatures Painted by 
Clayton Conduff

Scenery constructed and painted by Clayton Conduff

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