Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bad For The Future

1964 - Unitech HQ, London. Current Managing Director Auric Fröbe is looking at the quarterly returns, his personal Assistant Katherine "Kitty" Gale is sitting casually to his right. 

"This isn't right", Aurics Austrian accent betrays his ancestry every time he speaks. "These returns show the company is failing, yet we know that not to be true". 

Kitty gracefully rose to her feet, slinked her way over to her boss and gently rested her hand on his shoulder. "Those reports can't show ALL Unitech's profits my dear", she smiled ever so slightly. "The Government can never know where Unitech makes its real money surely - illegal activities all over the globe, not to mention our unsavoury medical research".

"True, true". Auric threw the papers down on his desk, almost as if he was forced to agree - even though he knew Kitty was spot on with her observation.

"What about Project Re-Birth" he asked, "Any progress there" - our Scientists insist creating a viable embryo is decades away - the technology or research simply does not exist yet" Kitty's voice showed her irritation, she knew Auric knew this - but he kept pushing the research team for progress and information. 

"It's NOT GOOD ENOUGH", Auric was shouting - his face red with rage and frustration. Kitty knew what that mean, he was planning something drastic. "Tell Mr Smith and Mr Glover to bring in Von Claus, take his family too - we need leverage" . . . . .

"Are you sure that's the right thing to do", the concern in Kitty's voice was more than apparent, "Those two are little more than thugs, they always make a mess".

"They get things DONE", Auric was no longer shouting - he's voice was stern and direct. Kitty was no fool, she knew when to back down, "You can clean up after them as usual".

"Yes, Mr Fröbe". Kitty calmly walked out of the office. "Von Claus", she softly uttered to herself, "I know the mans a genius, but this could be very bad for the future" . . .

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