Sunday, 3 May 2015

About the S.D.Z.A. Setting (for those who don't know)

Imagine a world rocked by revelation, a world where Dinosaurs roam free outside of walled cities, Zombie outbreaks are a common and ever increasing threat, Mutant Superheroes fight to keep the status quo, and Mutant Super-Villains seek to end it.

Hunters, Highywaymen, and Freelance Dinosaur Wranglers rub shoulders in seedy bars selling their services to the highest bidder. 

Rich Industrialists seek to solve the problems they created whilst holding onto their wealth and power.

"New World Orders" rise and fall, very few extreme political structures seem to do well in this new world - only the Neo-German Alliance seems to thrive.

A world similar to our own, but also amazingly different - THAT is the world of Superhero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse. 

Some will insist it’s a dystopian view of the future, it's not - it’s our world, here and now - But a version of it where the s**t has truly hit the fan – dodged the bouncing s**t, cleaned the s**t off the fan, and then we started again, from scratch . . . . .

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