Sunday, 3 May 2015

The R.D.S. Virus

The Dino-Parks were a vision of the Uni-Tech corporation (the business that funded the research) for the future, a vision of them making a LOT of money, they no only saw them as a gateway to providing the holiday experience of a lifetime (and charging a ridiculous amount of cash for the priviledge) - a lot of the Technicians and Scientists involved in the project saw it as a way of potentially ending world hunger.

The only problem was finding a way to get the long dormant Dino-DNA to combine with modern donor tissue, once that was achieved - using accelerated growth cloning techniques (though illegal, Unitech still intended on using ANY resources available to achieve their goal) - they used the DNA and Chemical makeup of a Virus as a "carrier" . . . . .

R.D.S. Virus (Reactive De-evolution Syndrome Virus) - and its attempted Cure, has led to all sorts of problems. Mutants with Human and Dinosaur traits roam the barrens outside the surviving walled cities, totally rejected by society - unlike their more physically accepted Mutant Brethren dubbed "Primes" by the Government. Carrion wander in formless bands preying on the weak and defenseless, and the Ghoulish Giaour feast of the flesh of Carrion and Human alike.

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