Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The A.S.P. Troopers - Nato's Finest

The world "officially ended" on May 1, 1983 - I say ended, it didn't blow up or anything - it went with a growl and a whimper, not a bang.

The first "wild" Dinosaurs attacked a small township outside of Sand Francisco - Tiburon, a Small bayside town a little further north of the City - it was attacked by a group of Megaraptor's, which was odd simply from the perspective that according to Uni-Tech Scientists no Megaraptor's had been cloned/created - as they were thought to be too dangerous.

Still, the creatures were found and destroyed (much to the irritation of Uni-Tech) - then mere days later, another attack took place at the main enclosure just outside Las Vegas (where one of the main parks was set to be located) - a Tyrannosaurus Rex, accompanied by an Oviraptor, and infant T-Rex, and half a dozen Utah Raptors broke through the electrified fence, the Utah Raptors systematically targeted certain areas of the fencing - the forced the Oviraptor against one specific area till it shorted out. People who saw the attack said it was weird, that the adult Tyrannosaur seemed to be "guiding" the rest - when they took the fencing down, the Carnivores - as a group, rather than attacking and eating the Herbivores in the enclosure, they herded them back through the gap - and into the desert.

As a result of these "unusual" attacks (and many more, way too many to list here) the A.S.P. Apocalypse Security Personnel) section of NATO was formed - their mandate was simple, seek and destroy these "new threats" as and when they appear. The A.S.P. Unit was recruited from those usually abandoned by the Military, those injured during active duty - but thanks to the advances by Blackwood Industries in the field of Cybernetics formally crippled veterans were 're-built' and enhanced - returning to active duty.

The newly setup task force is headed up by Captain Simon Gilmoor OF-5, formally of the British RAF and was allowed to keep his rank title upon his insistence and initial rejection of the transfer. He was offered the post after successfully defending the HMS Seasprite when it was docked at Portsmouth and was attacked by a number of Rhomaleosaurus.

It's a matter of fact the brave Veterans of A.S.P. form the very core of Earths defense against explainable threats and the Dinosaur menace itself.

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