Thursday, 7 May 2015

Martin ‘Varian’ Blackwood

Martin ‘Varian’ Blackwood – an enigma of a man, when asked where the name Varian came from he admits Varian was his Mother’s Maiden name, a name he adopted as his own – out of love and respect for her memory.

He came seemingly from nowhere, with resources and knowledge beyond 1985 - the year he first entered the public eye. Within a Decade Varian Blackwood Technologies had become a Technological and Charitable Giant – rivalling Uni-Tech, a situation Uni-Tech resented greatly.

Seemingly ageless, it has been presumed that Varian is a Prime – and that his powers are that of Immortality and Great Intellect. But it is known that neither Carrion nor Dinosaurs will attack him.

He has been known to disappear for Weeks at a time – no one, not even his closest associates know where he goes as he resides on an artificial Island (that he calls Avalon) which makes it hard to keep a track of his activities.

Avalon is just off the coast of San Angeles - where Varian spends his time creating new technologies (to help the world) or scuba diving down to the ruined city now beneath the waves – almost as if he is looking for something he has lost. When not below the surface of the Sea, he is always accompanied by a Cat he calls ‘El-Cid’ – that seems way more intelligent and attentive than a regular house-cat.

Varian carries a device he calls the ‘Sub-Sonic Energizer’ – it is Unique to him. This tuning fork like devices main function is as a sub-sonic energy based multi-tool – and can also be used as a Weapon, although it is rarely used as one.

Varian Blackwood – a man for the Future, helping the world today . . . . 

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