Friday, 8 May 2015

The Caprican Legion

Not seen by many, and unknown to the Masses - the Brotherhood do in fact have a standing Army. Comprised of rogue F.O.N. Operatives, Morlocks, Human Sympathizers, and the mysterious Caprican Legion.

The original Caprican Legionnaires were former ASP Troopers who manifested Mutations brought upon by the R.D.S. Virus - the crack 12 Man team led by Major Caprican, fearing for their position and status - not only within the Ranks of the ASP Troopers, but also society as a whole, vanished into the Wilderness. Taking with them a cache of ASP Trooper weapons and gear

Showing up some time later fighting amongst the ranks of the Brotherhood as the white clad Caprican Legion.

The Caprican Legionnaires are never seen without their Unique Helmets, different in design to the Regulation ASP Trooper gear - more menacing and completely covering their heads. The stories go that the Legionnaires are so deformed, so twisted by the R.D.S. Virus - that they never show their faces out of shame.

Other stories tell of them augmenting their slowly decaying bodies with stolen Varian Blackwood Technology, and that they are more Machine than Man now - held together by their Armour and stolen and forced into service merged with their twisted and broken forms.

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