Sunday, 3 May 2015

Industrial Espionage (No Complications Part I)

In the darkness they waited, patiently and silently - clad in dark grey and equipped only with seemingly primitive weapons.

The Uni-Tech guard circled the compound once, twice, three times. After the third time Akihiro had a good idea of timing. He nodded to his partner, Katsumi. She nodded in return and slipped through the hole she had cut into the fence earlier - moved over to the other side of the enclosure and dropped to the ground. With the colour of her clothes and blackened weapons, face down to the ground she was practically invisible - Akihiro admired her greatly, in more ways than one.

Mister Satoshi their CEO at Jorogumo Industries - had given them their instructions, take a Cargo plane from Tokyo - land at an abandoned Airstrip just outside of London. Hidden there they will find an Armoured Car, Fuel, Anti-Dino Equipment (Pheromone Sprays, Lures etc) - drive to the East Wall London Gate, it would be difficult - the south of England is as infested with Random Dinosaurs and Walking Road Kill as it can get. When you get there climb then drop over the wall, get to the East London Uni-Tech Labs - break in un-noticed, steal the latest Re-Birth research. Then exit the Uni-Tech compound, and return the way they came.

So far it had been 'by the numbers', apart from those four Giaour "chancers" trying to take them on when they stopped after getting a Carrion stuck around the axle of the Armoured Car there had been zero problems.

Katsumi waited for the Guard again, and for the fourth time, roughly ten minutes later, he passed by - and for the fourth time he didn't notice where the fence had been cut and wired so as not to break the connection and set off the alarm. Katsumi dashed away into the darkness, totally graceful and totally silent.

She returned some ten minutes later, and again dropped to the ground. For the Fifth the guard rounded the corner, the cut of his red Uniform catching the moonlight. Katsumi stayed completely still, as he stopped literally inches from her - scanned around himself - then carried on with his endless repetitious march around the grounds.

Katsumi looked up at Akihiro who nodded. Katsumi nodded back, and with a flash was back through the break in the fence and had laced it back up. The sprinted back to the wall - the section guard was sleeping soundly when the scaled the section of the wall they came into the City over. Akihiro injected him with the tranquilizer antidote - he would wake up shortly with a hangover, but at least they didn't have to kill him. Akihiro and Katsumi effortlessly climbed down the outer wall and sprinted off into the night.

15 minutes later, the arrived at where they had left the Armoured Car.

One of the four Giaour they thought they had killed was waiting, leaning against the Armoured Car casually. It was obvious he was not alone, that he had 'friends' with him.

Then Akihiro and Katsumi heard the groaning, and 30 Carrion lumbered out of the darkness towards them . . . . . .

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