Friday, 8 May 2015

New Miniatures and Pre-Orders

The Miniatures that were finished MONTHS ago, are finally being cast up!

I've been promised Samples of new miniatures and Re-Stocks by the end of next week, if thats the case - I shall be putting the new stuff up for pre-order a week or so after - with the intent of pre-orders being shipped the moment I get the stocks.

Anyone placing a pre-order will get a further 10% off the below prices AND a Limited Edition S.D.Z.A. Pin Badge (while stocks last - and there aren't many as the final design will be changing).

The Current "Next Wave" is at the moment - 

NX23 - F.O.N. Operative 03 (Furious Hero) £3.50 Each

You will be able to combine this with -

NX01 - F.O.N. Operative 01 (Psychic Hero) £3.50 Each
NX02 - F.O.N. Operative 02 (Beastly Hero) £3.50 Each

at either £6.50 for a Pair or £10.00 for All Three

NX24 - Extra F.O.N. Heads Set 02 (The Gambler and the Devil) 99p Each

NX25 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper/Offcer (Rifle or Pistol) 01 £3.25 Each
NX26 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper 02 (Rifle Raised) £3.25 Each 
NX27 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Trooper 03 (Rifle Lowered) £3.25 Each

or £9.00 for all Three

NX28 - A.S.P. Trooper/Caprican Legion Weapon Sprue 01 99p Each

NX29 - Morlock 01 (Unarmed) £3.00 Each
NX30 - Morlock 02 (Unarmed/Armed) £3.00 Each
NX31 - Brotherhood Morlock 03 (Armed/Two Choices) £3.00 Each

or £8.25 for all Three.

The NXDS01 - Doom Squad Deal will also be changing. Two of Each FON, two different Head Sprues, and a Sentry for £30.00! (thats a saving of over 15%)

Morlock Pictures as soon as I have decent pics!!

Either contact me through Facebook or direct at Nexus Miniatures ( or to place an order (give it a couple of weeks), and I am hoping to finally have the shopping cart working about the same time too.

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