Saturday, 16 May 2015

A New Beginning . . . . .

Jump forward to 1990, the world has started to settle down - Uni-Tech has been involved in several Scandals involving Politicians around the World in many Countries and City States taking 'gratuities' from Uni-Tech. Said Politicians were all involved in Voting on Policies or the Passing of Bills that involved Uni-Techs business in those locations - even though Agents and Operatives such as Jacob Nexus of British Intelligence or Wolf Sculder and Kate Mulley of the D.O.I. uncovered evidence that seriously implicated Uni-Tech in these scandals. The Courts in each instance mysteriously found Uni-Tech to be innocent of any wrong doings.

Primes in Country's all over the world start to take over, this naturally leads to a Cold War - sometimes breaking out into out and out Conflict, Ricardo Khan declares Independence for the Bengal City State, his massive intellect and will raising an army of Carnivorous Dinosaurs to do his bidding.

The Other Indian City States, fearing Khans eventual Victory launch a Nuclear Strike against Bengal devastating it completely. Though there are reports that Khan fled the City and survived.

In the United City-States of America, a similar situation occurs - the Arlington shanty is dominated by a Prime calling himself the Soothsayer. He raises an Army of Primes, Mutts, and Morlocks and Marches on the Washington City State stating his intent on removing the last remnants of Government there and declaring himself Emperor of the Americas. A Nuclear strike is ordered, wiping out he Soothsayer's Army. It was obvious to the World this was setting a dangerous precedent - that simply using a Nuclear strike was the answer to all the world's problems, and that taking that simple answer would eventually lead to disaster. 

Uni-Tech scientists had already realized that hard Radiation had an affect on the R.D.S. Virus after the Doombringer incident in 1983, possibly creating further mutations in those affected by it. This not only filled them with jealousy, as they had consistently failed to create Primes artificially - but worried them, as the release of radiation into the environment could speed up the 'evolution' of the Primes. Uni-Tech then started to take a more 'passive' (and positive) role in world Politics, actively and openly supporting Governments around the world.

In 1985, Varian Blackwood started Blackwood Industries - by 1990, in just 5 years Blackwood Industries had become the foremost Company world wide for producing Medical and non-Lethal Weapon Technology - Unlike Uni-Tech, such technology and Aid is given freely (another thorn in Uni-Techs side).

With Varians Help, NATO formed a new Elite Force known as the A.S.P. (Apocalypse Security Personnel) Troopers - charged with protecting the Planet from new and unusual Threats, the A.S.P.s are recruited from the best and are given the best equipment. One of their most Famous is Major Caprican, famous for his dashing good looks and derring do attitude. Christopher Caprican, in his quest for attention and adoration, insists on a special helmet design for his Troopers - and their Armour is White, rather than the standard Pale Grey of the A.S.P.s

It seemed like a new beginning for the world with Varian watching out for the planet and the newly formed A.S.P. Troopers as its Guardians.

But this story was far from over, in fact - it was just beginning . . . . . . 

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