Monday, 4 May 2015

The Plan (No Complications Part II)

Doctor Victor Makalay stood over the map table, leaning forward with his fists on the table supporting his weight - he was scowling.

In this light, with his black hair and goatee beard he looked like the very Devil Pisacha thought to herself.

Makalay was the most powerful Rogue Prime she had ever met, even Pisacha's own powers could not influence him. Pisacha was a "control" Prime - Dr Makalay had theorized that it wasn't telepathy, but rather the Virus had altered her glands and her pheromone strength and production was off the charts - no man could resist her, and she hated it. 

Her own father had taken "advantage" of her, this was before she knew how to control her gift - at that point in her life, all her power did was draw men to her like a Moth to a Flame. Still she had survived, Makalay found her crying one day - hiding in the woods out the back of her fathers Shack - a dangerous proposition for anyone, adult or child since the first day.

Makalay was a VERY powerful Telekinetic - Pisacha watched as the Doctor literally tore her Father apart with his mind, and she was glad.

She loved Makalay like a true Father, a strong and nurturing father - someone to look up to.

Makalay continued to scowl at the map, it was obvious there was something seriously bothering him.

"Something wrong Doctor", Pisacha's tone was soft and caring - there was genuine concern for her friend in the tone.

"Agents Macau and Clark continue to be thorns in my side" he looked up with Thunder in his eyes, as soon as he saw Pisacha's beautiful face - it always calmed him some how. Even though she couldn't control him, she did still influence him on some level - but at least it was in a positive way.

"Macau and Clark are Uni-Tech lapdogs" Pisacha remarked "The have no idea what's going on in Britain, or even that Jorogumo Industries have operatives there helping us with the Uni-Tech issue"

"Yes, I know" Continued Makalay "and I fully agree, and negotiations with Jorogumo Industries went well, but I STILL don't trust them or their Motives" His face dropped, Pisacha could see he was tired that leading the Brotherhood was weighing heavily on him - and since Doombringer disappeared he had been shouldering the burden alone.

"We NEED that information" he perked up a little, standing upright away from the map table "if Katsumi and Akihiro can retrieve it with no complications, we can move onto the next phase"

"The next Phase" Pisacha thought to herself "Makalay liked using that term a lot".

Pisacha often wondered how much the provisional American Government knew, it had been over 30 years since the first day of the 'new world' as it came to be known - I wonder if these floundering Politicians knew how much control Uni-Tech exerted over the world. The answer of course was they simply didn't, as they couldn't even decide they weren't 'provisional' after 30 years it was obvious they had no clue about anything else.

Doctor Makalay picked up the map from the table and crumpled it into a small ball with his hands, it was almost as if he was strangling the map - like it was some vile enemy he wanted to end the life of.

He looked at Pisacha and smiled a dark and evil smile - she shuddered a little.

"Time for Some Direct Action" he said . . . . . 

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